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Beekeeping Vocabulary Part 1


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Hive Tool
a metal chisel that has the end opposite the blade bent at right angles to the shaft and is used by beekeepers to separate supers and to scrape way Acropolis from parts of the hive.
Bee Smoker
A bee smoker (usually called simply a smoker) is a device used in beekeeping to calm honey bees. It is designed to generate smoke from the smoldering of various fuels, hence the name.
A veil or netting worn over the head to protect the face from the attacks of bees while removing honey from a hive or working about it. It is worn over the hat and tucked under the coat, or drawn over a light metal frame which covers the head and rests on the shoulders.
Bee Feeder
Entrance feeders: Entrance feeders have two basic parts—a feeding tray that is inserted into the hive entrance and an inverted syrup container that fits into it, but remains on the outside of the hive. They make it easy to see how much feed is left and are easy to refill
Bee Brush
a soft brush for removing bees from the honeycomb.
Beehive Entrance Reducer
An entrance reducer is simply a barrier placed at the entrance to a beehive that reducers the size of the opening. They are usually made of wood, but can also be made from metal or plastic. ... Entrance reducers may be used to protect a weak hive from invasion by robbing honey bees or yellow jackets
Frame Grip
A clamp to hold and have a grip of the frame.
Drone Comb
A drone is a male bee that is the product of an unfertilized egg.
Mite Away Quick Strips(Formic Acid)
An organic treatment(use to keep bee healthy).
Pollen Patty (Pollen Substitute)
food for the bees.(Pollen, it provides protein to bees)