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Commercial Site

A site used to promote or give information about their products or services. Apple, Home Depot, and Wal-mart all have websites that are examples of this type.

Organization Site

This site is like a commercial site because it is trying to promote or provide information, but unlike a commericial site, this type of site is not always trying to sell something. The Red Cross, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and are all examples of this type of site.

News Site

These sites provide news. Examples include: CNN, MSNBC, KHAS,, etc...

Blog Site

Short for "web log", this type of site is usually updated frequently and can be written about many different subjects, like news, hobbies, humor, photography, and more.

Wiki Site

This site lets users add or modify content and the most famous of this type is Wikipedia.

School Site

This type of site provides information about teachers, classes, lesson plans, and students. Sometimes the pages within this type of site are written by teachers and/or students.

Scholarly Site

This type of site is used for finding credible and reliable support for when you write papers. Use this type of site to help prove your point or thesis, when you write a research paper.

Database Site

This type of site contains collections of information. It could be about movies, dogs, music, or anything other topic.

Forum Site

This type of site allows people to have discussions. Each discussion is known as a thread on this type of site.

Question & Answer Site

This type of site is a lot like a forum site, except there is more emphasis on answering the original question instead of just having a discussion about it. An example of this type of site is Yahoo! Answers.

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