What body systems work together to maintain homeostasis

skeletal system
Bone marrow produces red blood cells. Bones allow body to move in response to stimuli.
muscular system
maintains body temperatures by shivering when cold. Moves body in response to stimuli.
cardiovascular system
provides sugar and oxygen for production of energy (ATP). Helps maintain body temperature. Transports waste for excretion. White blood cells help with immunity.
lymphatic system
Maintains water balance. Helps with immunity.
respiratory system
Maintains correct ration of oxygen/carbon dioxide in blood.
digestive system
Provides nutrients for new cells. Makes ATP. Removes feces.
excretory system and urinary system
Removes all cellular waste products (toxins) from body. Endocrine system maintains water and salt in cells for proper cell function.
nervous system
Electrical signals tell the body what to do to maintain balance.
endocrine system
Chemical signals regulate balance. Signals for the repair and production of tissues. Flight or fight response.
reproductive system
Testes and ovaries secrete male/female hormones that regulate sperm/egg production. Passes on geneic information to offspring.
integumentary system
Fights off harmful pathogens that enter into the body.