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Roots in religious ritual; subjects from myth and legend; stylized movement; men are masked, playing both male and female parts; a typical noh performance consists of five noh plays interspersed with shorter, humorous kyōgen pieces


An important part of Japanese aesthetics; the gentle gracefulness, fagility of life; beauty lies in suggestion, simplicity, subtlety, restraint


(1333-1384); an innovator of the noh form; favorite of the Ashikaga shogun; combined earlier forms with Buddhist ideals; father of Zeami; co-creator of the noh drama in its present form


The greatest playwright and theorist of the Japanese noh theatre; son of Kanami; co-creator of the noh drama in its present form


The narrow bridge to the right of the stage that the principal actors use to enter the stage in the noh theatre


Detailed choreographed patterns of movements practiced either solo or in pairs


Highly stylized classical Japanese dance-drama


An extra stage section used in Japanese kabuki theater; a long, raised platform that runs, left of center, from the back of the theater, through the audience, to connect with the main stage


Male actors who impersonate women in Japanese kabuki theatre


A picturesque pose to held by an actor to establish his character


A form of traditional Japanese puppet theater, founded in Osaka in 1684

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