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Deontological Ethics

notes from 2/8/13

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what you do in your action, that nature of the action itself, determines its moral status
Deontological Rights/Duties
justifiable irregardless of consequential values; "fundamental"
Deontological Theories
Kantianism and Contractarianism
"Duty for duty's sake"
Good Will
an action is morally good only if it is motivated by a recognition that the action is a moral duty, not by the inclination (desire)
Maximum = df
"...the principle according to which the subject does act"
Imperative = df
"the objective principle valid for every rational being....; the principle by which [a rational agent] ought to act
Hypothetical Imperative
an imperative that "represents the practical action as means to something else that is willed"
Categorical Imperative
an imperative that "represents an action as necessary of itself without reference to another end"....represents moral duty