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A horse that measures 66 inches would be XX hands high?


When the leading foreleg and the leading hind leg appear to be on the same side of the horse, it is said to be cantering?

approach, take off, period of suspension, landing

The four phases of jumping are?

ground pole

What helps the horse judge his distance from a jump?


Which natural aids of the rider regulate the energy created by the legs?

width of the jump

To obtain a greater jumping effort from the horse (to make him work harder), what should you increase with regard to the jump?


What part of the rider guides and controls the hindquarters?


Energy created by the rider's legs is called what?


How many steps in the reinback?

walk and trot

What gaits does a D3 need to be able to do an emergency dismount?

1/4-1/2 inch

How much space should there be between the rider's shoe and the side of the stirrup?


What does a horse use his head and neck for in jumping?

The horse will have a choppy, short stride

Why is it not good for a horse to have too upright of a pastern?

dapple, flea bitten, steel, and light

What are four descriptions of a grey horse?

100.5 Farenheit

What is the normal temperature of a horse?

8-12 BPM (breaths per minute)

What is the normal repiration of a horse?

40 BPM (beats per minute)

What is the normal pulse of a horse?

stomach ache

What is colic?


Besides water, what else should your pony always have available?


To determine if your pony is lame, what gait should you observe him at?


With a puncture wound, what vaccination is it important to have the vet come and give a booster for?

from below the knee or hock to the hoof or coronet band

What part of the leg should a shipping wrap cover?

EEE, Rabies, Tetanus

Name 3 important vaccinations your pony should have every year?

stay warm and dry when he is turned out in the winter

Grease and dandruff in a horse's coat (known as "dander") is very useful to help your pony?

stall walking, cribbing, biting, kicking

What are three common stable vices?

savings, sawdust, newspaper

What are three types of bedding?

strawberry roan

What color is a horse with chestnut and white hairs mixed in his coat?

diagonal aids

If you are using your right hand and left leg together, these are known as?


When changing rein, what else is it important to change when trotting?

20 x 40 meters

What is the size of the small dressage arena?

20 x 60 meters

What is the size of the large dressage arena?


What is the penalty for jumping a warm up fence in the wrong direction?


What color are DIRECTIONAL flags on a cross country course?


What color flag is on the left side of the jump?


What color flag is on the right side of the jump?

tetrathlon, eventing, show jumping, dressage, games

What are 4 pony club horse sports?

At least 1 hour

How long should you wait to give your pony grain after you have exercised him?

water, hay, grain

What is the proper order to feed your pony?


The height of a pony is measured in?

from the ground to the top of the withers

Where is a pony's height measured from?


What is another name for grain?


What is another name for hay?

far from his feed bucket so he won't dirty it by dropping grain in it while chewing

Where should you hang your pony's water bucket in his stall in relation to his feed bucket?

post and rail, boards, electric wire

What are some good types of fencing for horses?

at least 4 feet

How wide should at stall door be?

weigh it

What is the best way to know how much hay and grain you are feeding your pony?

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