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Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Level G Unit 10


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He looked askance at the prisoner, considering him with suspicion, distrust, and disapproval.
(adv.) with suspicion, distrust; with disapproval

syn: distrustfully, suspiciously

Enthusiasm for intense shopping attenuated as the dollar weakened against the Euro, losing value and diluting its strength, making slim pickings for tourists.
(v.) to weaken or lessen in force, intensity, or value to make thin or slender

syn: thin out, dilute, water down
ant: thicken, strengthen, bolster

The lung tumor was not malignant, and the doctor's benign bedside manner, gently treating with kindness and understanding, had the beneficial effect of making the patient feel forgiven and favorable to stop smoking.
(adj.) gentle, kind; forgiving, understanding; having a favorable or beneficial effect; not malignant

syn: benevolent, salubrious, harmless
ant: malevolent, deleterious

He caviled and quibbled over the bill, carping and finding fault in petty and trivial objections, criticizing and nitpicking endlessly.
(v.) to find fault in a petty way, to carp;
(n.) a trivial objection or criticism

syn: nitpick

Dr. Mountebank was a charlatan, a poser faking knowledge and pretending ability, an impostor and a quack.
(n.) one who feigns knowledge or ability; a pretender, an impostor; a quack

syn: mountebank

The flood decimated the region, destroying most everything and killing 10% of the population.
(v.) to kill or destroy a large part of

syn: devastate

Wiley Coyote's foible was his obsession with the Road Runner; this quirk was the minor flaw and weak point that led to many failed schemes.
(n.) a weak point; failing; minor flaw

syn: shortcoming, quirk
ant: forte, virtue

Alcoholics must forgo all alcohol, refraining from and giving up even social drinking, doing without and abstaining from beer, liquor, and wine.
(v.) to do without;to abstain from; to give up

syn: refrain from, renounce
ant: indulge in, partake of

Exam time is fraught with tension, full of anxiety, loaded with stress, and accompanied by nerves.
(adj.) full of or loaded with; accompanied by

syn: charged with
ant: devoid of, lacking, deficient in

The prisoner was inured to the guards' harsh treatment, used to being subjected to their abuse, toughened and hardened by years of incarceration.
(v.) to toughen, harden; to get used to something by long subjection or exposure

syn: accustom, acclimate

The moon was luminous, reflecting a bright light that illuminated the night sky, glowing in the heavens.
(adj.) emitting or reflecting light; glowing; illuminating

syn: bright, refulgent, lustrous
ant: dark, opaque, dim, murky

The fawning sycophant was obsequious, excessively submissive and slavishly attentive to the king, all to advance his own interests.
(adj.) marked by slavish attentiveness; excessively submissive, often for purely self-interested reasons

syn: fawning, servile, sycophantic, mealymouthed
ant: assertive, bumptious, candid, frank, independent

The professor refused to be *obtuse*, but caused a sharp impression as he bluntly pointed out the slow, dull student who could not understand an obtuseobtuseessor refused to be *obtuse*, but caused a sharp impression as he bluntly pointed out the slow, dull student who could not understand an *obtuse* angle measures between 90 and 180 degrees.
(adj.) slow or dull in understanding; measuring between 90 and 180 degrees; not causing a sharp impression; blunt, not coming to a point

syn: dumb, thick, mild, dull-witted
ant: perceptive, quick-witted

Watching the pendulum swing back and forth in a steady rhythm, so unlike his fluctuating emotions, the boy wavered as he oscillated between destroying or sparing the famous clock.
(v.) to swing back and forth with a steady rhythm; to fluctuate or waver

syn: vibrate

The penitents knelt before the priest, sorry for wrongdoing and regretting their sins, remorseful and ruing their mistakes.
(adj.) regretful for one's sins or mistakes; (n.) one who is sorry for wrongdoing

syn: (adj.) remorseful, regretful, rueful
ant: (adj.) remorseless

Offensively self-assured, the determined and resolute dictator was peremptory in his command, leaving no opportunity for debate, denial, or refusal.
(adj.) having the nature of a command that leaves no opportunity for debate, denial, or refusal; offensively self-assured;dictatorial; determined, resolute

syn: unconditional
ant: irresolute, mild, unassuming

Snubbing the King's mistress, Marie Antoinette rebuffed her with a curt rejection, repelling and driving her away, causing a setback to her plans.
(v.) to snub; to repel, drive away; (n.) a curt rejection, a check

syn: (v.) repulse, reject; (n.) setback
ant: (v.) accept, welcome

The thieves reconnoitered the neighborhood, making a preliminary inspection to scout out the most promising targets, military in their reconnaissance.
(v.) to engage in reconnaissance; to make a preliminary inspection

syn: scout

Originally a word for "slaughterhouse" where animals are butchered for food, shambles can mean a place of mass bloodshed, but usually means a real mess or state of complete disorder and confusion.
(n.) a slaughterhouse; a state of complete disorder and confusion, mess; a place of mass bloodshed

The robberies were sporadic, occurring intermittently at irregular time periods with no set order or plan.
(adj.) occurring at irregular intervals; having no set plan or order

syn: intermittent, spasmodic
ant: steady, continuous, uninterrupted