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  1. Fibula
  2. Phalanges
  3. Mandible
  4. Cranium
  5. Ulna
  1. a Jawbone.
  2. b The longer of the two long bones found in the forearm.
  3. c Thicker bone in lower leg providing support for the ankle.
  4. d Toe and finger bones.
  5. e Another name for the skull.

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  1. Supports organs in the abdomen and anchors the legs.
  2. Part of the foot between the ankles and toes.
  3. Wrist bone.
  4. The shorter of the two long bones in the forearm.
  5. Bone in the upper arms.

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  1. VertebraeA single segment of the backbone.


  2. TibiaBones that protect the heart and lungs.


  3. SternumThighbone; largest bone in the body helping to carry the weight of the body.


  4. ClavicleCollarbone.


  5. Vertebral ColumnA single segment of the backbone.