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  1. Mandible
  2. Scapula
  3. Sternum
  4. Metacarpals
  5. Ribs
  1. a Bones that protect the heart and lungs.
  2. b Part of the hand between the wrist and fingers.
  3. c Shoulder Blade.
  4. d Breastbone.
  5. e Jawbone.

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  1. Part of the foot between the ankles and toes.
  2. Shinbone; links the knee to the foot.
  3. The shorter of the two long bones in the forearm.
  4. Kneecap.
  5. Forms the face and protects the brain.

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  1. FemurThighbone; largest bone in the body helping to carry the weight of the body.


  2. Pectoral GirdleConnects arms to shoulders.


  3. ClavicleCollarbone.


  4. HumerusBreastbone.


  5. VertebraeKneecap.


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