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Molarity, Dilution


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What is concentration measured in?
M =
Mole of Solute/Liter of solution (n/v)
n =
m * v
v =
n / m
What is the salt water concentration of dissolving 2.7 moles of salt into 15 L of water?
0.18 M
What is molarity read as?
"____ molar solution"
Find the molarity of 250 mL solution containing 3.4 moles of NaF.
13.6 M
What must molity be represented with a capital M
lower case m = mass
How many grams of NaCl are required to make 0.500L of a 0.25 M solution?
7.3 g
How many grams of ammonium nitrate are in 335mL of 0.424M NH4NO3?
11.4 g
What is the molarity of a 450 mL solution with 45.67 grams of Mg3(P04)2 dissolved?
0.386 M
What volume of solution is needed to make a 12 M solution with 50.3 grams of KF?
0.072 L
Adding solvent
When solutions are bought, they are bought as ____ concentrations.
high (12 M, 16M, 18M, etc)
Why would someone dilute a solution?
It's cheaper to make needed solutions than to always buy them.
Dilution Equation
M₁V₁ = M₂V₂ (Moles of solute before = Moles of solute after)
What volume of 5 M H2SO4 must be used to prepare 1.5L of a 0.10 M H2SO4 sol'n?
0.03 L
What volume of 16 M H2SO4 must be used to prepare 100mL of a 0.10M H2so soln?
0.625 mL