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In order to obtain a learner's permit in Virginia, you must be at least ____.

15 years & 6 months old

The penalty for anyone less than 20 who is convicted of his/her first demerit violation is ____.

mandatory driver improvement class

The minimum age to receive a driver's license in Virginia is ____.

16 & 3 months

If you are less than 18, you will receive your permanent license from ____.

Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

The minimum amount of liability insurance needed to satisfy the financial responsibility law in Virginia is ____.


Vehicles registered in Virginia must be inspected ____ .

once a year

There is a national network to coordinate organ distribution.


If you drive on the public roads of Virginia, you must submit to an alcohol or drug test when requested. This is known as the _____ law.

implied consent

A driver with a learner's permit is limited to _____ passengers under the age of 18.


A driver's license expires ____.

on the licensee's birthday in ages divisible by 5

Under the _____ law, persons less than 21 may lose the privilege to drive if they have a BAC of .02 or above.

zero tolerance

The type of license which will allow a person to drive a large truck or a van designed for 16 or more passengers is a ____.


The uninsured motorist fee provides you with minimal insurance coverage in the event of a crash.


he minimum age for a licensed driver accompanying a driver with a learner's permit is ____.

21 or 18 (if immediate family member)

In Virginia, you must have a special license to drive a motorcycle.


An applicant for a learner's permit must score _____ on the signs test.


There are plenty of donated organs to meet the needs of all patients.


You are covered by your parents' insurance policy while driving with a learner's permit.


Your decision to become an organ donor should be ____.

recorded on your driver's license and discussed with your family

Each year over _____ persons are killed in highway-rail crashes.


It takes a train going 50 mph approximately _____ to stop safely.

1 1/2 miles

When an emergency vehicle approaches you using a siren, you should _____ .

pull over to allow a clear path for the emergency vehicle

The crossbuck is considered the same as a _____ .

yield sign

Most railroad crossing crashes are the result of _____ .

driver error

A train's speed _____ .

will appear slower than it is

When you approach a school bus with flashing red lights from either direction, you.

may proceed only if there is a median between you and the bus

A yellow line (solid or broken) in the center of a roadway indicates

two way traffic

If the foot brake fails, the parking brake may be used to stop the vehicle.


The basic color for construction signs is


Red signs indicate

prohibitive or stop

flashing amber light

proceed with caution

flashing red light

stop- go when the way is clear

steady green light

go if the way is clear

steady amber light

red light is coming clear the intersection

red light

stop- remained stop

green arrow

protected turn/ go in direction of arrow.

You should signal at least_____ before you turn or change position.

4 seconds

An important point to remember in skid control is

do not brake and look where you want the vehicle to go and steer in the direction you want to go

Use of a lower gear may be helpful when going up or down steep grades.


It is illegal to pass on the right in Virginia under any circumstances.


You must park at least_____ feet from a fire hydrant.


According to Virginia law, you must turn into

the first open lane going in your direction

If your tire loses pressure while you are driving, you should

keep a firm grip on the steering wheel with both hands and release the accelerator pedal slowly

When parking downhill with a curb,

turn the wheels toward the curb

The use of cruise control is helpful on slippery roadways.


The correct method of steering through a turn is


A solid line indicates

no passing

General warning signs are


You are required to dim your headlights when you are within_____ feet of an approaching vehicle.


The speed limit in school, business and residential areas is


When using the accelerator and brake pedal, the heel of the foot should remain on the floor.


The steering wheel should be adjusted upward towards the face.


Which of the following is NOT a necessary step when approaching a vehicle?

check tire tread depth with a penny

When the mirrors are set correctly, there is no need to check blind zones.


Locking the door ensures that they will not fly open during a crash


The lap belt should be adjusted to fit snugly _____.

across the hips

The head restraint should be adjusted

just above the ears

The side view mirrors should be adjusted to the contemporary (BGE) mirror setting, which means the driver can see _____.

the vehicles in the lanes beside his/her vehicle

When seated properly, the driver should be at least _____ inches from the steering wheel.


To adjust the side view mirror for the BGE mirror setting, the driver should sit in the driving position.


Tire pressure should be checked _____.


The driver should set accessories before putting the vehicle in drive.


The rearview mirror should be adjusted to frame the back windshield.


Preventative maintenance _____.

is the routine care you give your vehicle

Driving with the hands in the 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock position _____.

reduces excessive steering and helps protect the driver from airbag injuries and improves vehicle stability

When seated properly, the driver's chin should be above the steering wheel.


The oil should be changed every _____.

3000 - 5000 miles

The following is the correct procedure for securing a vehicle:

•set parking brake
•place gear selector in park
•turn off accessories
•turn ignition off, lock ignition and remove key
•remove occupant restraints
•check traffic and exit vehicle
•secure doors


the turn signal will always cancel after a turn.


All vehicles have adjustable head restraints.


gears below drive, provide more engine power.


When backing, the driver should turn the steering wheel to the right in order to back to the left.


Pedal extensions are available to allow short drivers to maintain a safe distance from the steering wheel.


Safety experts recommend the use of headlights whenever the vehicle is moving.


Position one on the ignition switch allows you to use accessories with the engine off.


Head restraints are designed to help reduce _____.

whiplash injuries

When the daytime running lights are in use, the tail lights are not on.


Cruise control _____.

allows a driver to select and travel at a set speed and works at speeds above 25 mph and should not be used on slippery surfaces

he horn should NOT be used to _____.

show anger

When securing the vehicle, the parking brake should be set before placing the vehicle in Park.


If the driver needs to adjust the defroster, he/she should place the steering hand at the top of the steering wheel temporarily.


The steering technique best suited for maintaining vehicle balance is _____.

push/pull/feed (hand to hand)

One hand steering is recommended _____.

when backing

Braking just short of lockup is known as _____.

threshold braking

Braking results in weight transfer _____.


Weight transfer from side to side is known as _____.


If understeer occurs, weight should be transferred to the _____.


Vehicle balance is maintained through _____.

precise steering and smooth acceleration and controlled braking

Acceleration results in weight transfer _____.


One method of determining correct distance from the steering wheel is _____.

by extending the arm over the steering wheel until to top of the steering wheel is in line with the wrist joint

Ideal vehicle balance is reached when _____.

the vehicle is stationary

if your vehicle is not equipped with ABS, hard controlled braking should be done _____.

prior to evasive steering

Steering input to the left will result in weight transfer _____.


The steering technique best suited in limited space maneuvers is _____.

hand over hand

Weight transfer forward or backward is known as _____.


With the BGE mirror setting, _____.

a vehicle passing should appear in the sideview mirror before it leaves the rearview mirror and glare from the lights of a passing vehicle is reduced and a vehicle will appear in the drivers peripheral vision before leaving the sideview mirror

The BGE mirror is always the best mirror setting.


What is the best lane position for a right turn?


Reference points are necessary _____.

to judge your vehicle's position and because there are areas around the vehicle which cannot be seen from the driver's seat

If there is a restriction within your line of sight, it is known as _____.

closed areaa

Blindzones are greatly reduced by the use of contemporary mirror settings.


The vision used to judge depth and position is _____.


Line of sight is _____.

the distance you can see ahead in the direction you are looking

Reference points are the same for all drivers.


In the contemporary mirror setting, the side view mirror is set to see the lane next to your vehicle.


Blind spots are areas you cannot see in either your mirrors or peripheral vision


When the pavement line or curb appears to run through the middle of the vehicle's hood, the vehicle is _____.

3-6 inches from the curb

Your target should be _____.

a fixed object ahead and. located in the center of your path of travel and 20 - 30 seconds ahead

The pavement area in front of the vehicle which cannot be seen by the driver is about 3 car lengths.


If the front bumper is 3-6 inches from the curb line, the line of sight will extend from the driver _____.

through the front window (near the mirror)

To correctly adjust the left side view mirrors, the driver will need to place his/her head against the side window


When driving, you should _____.

look at least 20 sec. ahead and check your rearview mirrors and check your sideview mirrors

One hand steering is acceptable when backing the vehicle.


When coming to a stop, it is a good idea to tap your brakes before applying full pressure to let others know what your intentions are


The reference point for stopping 6 inches from a curb is over the right headlight.


It is not necessary to stop when pulling out of a driveway if there is no traffic.


To back to the right, the driver will need to steer left.


The accepted procedure for backing straight is to place the left hand on the steering wheel at the 12 o'clock position and look over the right shoulder.


When backing and turning, you should look in the direction you are turning.


It is not necessary to signal if you are pulling to the curb to stop.


the pivot point for backing and turning is the door post.


When stopping on the right side of the road, you need to position your vehicle in lane position 3.


check traffic


keep foot firmly on the brake


use proper signals


select the proper gear


recheck traffic including the mirrors and blind spots


select a gap


move to proper lane


release the parking break


move foot from brake to accelerator


The average field of vision is 125 degrees.


As speed increases, more steering input is need for vehicle response.


Average foot reaction time is _____.

3/4 sec.

The distance needed for steering around an object is shorter than the distance needed to brake for the object at speeds over 25.


Your visual lead time should be _____.

20 sec

The vision used to judge depth perception is _____.

central vision

If the line of sight and the path of travel are not the same, you should reduce your speed.


Your field of vision is _____.

what you can see while looking ahead

When traveling 50-55 mph, a _____ following interval is recommended.

4 seconds

A driver should establish a visual search pattern to identify potential risk situations.


To read signs, you need good _____.

focal vision

A driver uses his/her _____ vision to detect the motion from the sides.


Which vision is first affected by fatigue, drugs and speed?


The visual search pattern includes _____.

the visual lead area and line of sight and path of travel

Most crashes involving teen drivers result from improper search.


Which lane position provides maximum space within the lane on each side of the vehicle?

lan pos. 1

Steering around an object is an example of _____.


The decision-making process in driving is known as _____.


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