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GCSE River Deposition Landforms

A set for AQA's Physcial Landscapes in the UK

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Slip off slope
The shallower, inside of a meander bend
Ox Bow lake
An abandoned meander
A flat area of land adjacent to a river
raised banks along a stream channel, created by the larger deposited sediment
The laying down of sediment
Layers of sediment
are found on a flood plain
the tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream
Salt marshes
located in estuaries, where rivers deposit their load of mineral-rich mud(sediment)
Bars or islands
are created by deposition in a delta
River cliff
Around the edge of a meander the water flows faster and a steep cliff is formed
Lateral erosion
Sideways erosion, for example in a river channel at the outside bend of a meander.
Neck of land
The section of land being cut away between 2 meander bends