Protists and Fungi Overview

21 terms by veryKOOL1326

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community of mostly microscopic organisms that dwell at the surface of water

provide shelter, food for ocean life, release oxygen, contain nutrients and vitamis

importance of algae


photosynthetic plankton


luminescent algae, the DNA lacks histones


eukaryotic, mostly single-celled, reproduce asexually or sexually


example of ciliate


projectiles on a protist


surrounds protistal cell


tubular passage way on a protist similar to a stomach


example of zooflagellate

anopheles mosquito

first host of malaria

liver and red blood cells

what does malaria affect in humans?

flagella, pseudopods, snake-like

how do protists move?


example of a sarcodina


example of euglenophyta

red tide

what is a bloom of algae called? (not an algal bloom...)

green algae

what are the ancestors of plants?


algal structure similar to the roots of a plant


algal structure similar to the stems of a plant


algal structure similar to the leaves of a plant

very deep

where is red algae located?

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