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zealous, ardent

extremely active, eager, devoted

candid, uninhibited

honest, truthful, straightforward

posthumous, post-mortem

occurring after death

enthrall, captivate

charm, fascinate, please greatly

parasite, sycophant

plant or animal that lives on or in another and feeds off this other's body; a person receiving support without giving anything useful or meaningful in return

chagrin, mortification

humiliation, disappointment, irritation

cant, jargon

insincere talk; special language of a social class, trade, or profession

ephemeral, transitory

short-lived, fleeting, lasting a very short time

dexterous, adroit

skillful, clever

sinister, malevolent

threatening, wicked, evil


able to use two languages equally, or nearly equally, well; pertaining to, speaking, or written in two languages


marriage to two people at the same time


two-footed animal


having or concerning two side, parties, countries, etc.


eyeglasses with lenses that have two sections for correcting both close and distant vision

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