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Phrasal Verbs - ENG265

Questions on the midterm quiz will come from these phrasal verbs.
ask someone out
invite on a date
break down
stop functioning (vehicle, machine)
break in
force entry to a building
break up
end a relationship
fall for
believe (a lie, trick or joke)
get along
like each other
get away
go on a vacation
get away with something
do something wrong without being noticed or punished
get back at someone
retaliate, take revenge
get into
be accepted into a university or other institution; become interested in
get off
to leave a bus, train, aircraft or boat;
avoid punishment; or remove oneself from a seat
get out
to leave a place after a certain period of time (e..g. ______ of a hospital, prison, or school.
get together
to meet
give in
reluctantly stop fighting or arguing
give off
produce a smell or aroma
give up
stop trying
go back
return to a place
go out
leave home to go on a social event
go over something
hang on
wait a short time (informal)
hang out
spend time relaxing (informal)
hang up
end a phone call
hook up
to connect
look out
be careful, vigilant, and take notice
look something up
search and find information in a reference book or database
look up to someone
have a lot of respect for
pass away
pass out
faint, lose consciousness
pick something out
choose , select
pick something up
collect something that has been left elsewhere.

obtain, acquire, or learn something, especially without formal arrangements or instruction.
put something down
put what you are holding on a surface or floor
put someone down
insult, make someone feel stupid
put something on
put clothing/accessories on your body
put something away
to save or store something for future use
settle down
to start living in a place where you intend to stay for a long time, usually with your partner:
sign up
the action of enrolling for something or of enrolling or employing someone.
switch something off
stop the energy flow, turn off
take something apart
purposely break or divide into pieces
take off
start to fly
take something off
remove something (usually clothing)
throw something away
dispose of
turn something down
decrease the volume or strength (heat, light etc)
turn something off
stop the energy flow, switch off
turn something on
start the energy, switch on
turn something up
increase the volume or strength (heat, light etc)
turn out
to end in a particular way, such as well, badly, all right, etc.
wear out
to tire greatly; to exhaust.
often used in the passive
work out
for events to have a successful conclusion
write back
to respond in written form

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