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vocab 1-16


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Accrue (verb)
to accumulate over time
Forte (verb)
something in which a person excels
Mammoth (adjective)
huge; gigantic
Prudent (adjective)
cautious; discreet; exercising good judgement
Tenacious (adjective)
tough; stubborn; not letting go
Balk (verb)
to stop short and refuse to proceed
Devoid (adjective)
entirely without; lacking
Manifest (verb)
to make clear to the eye; obvious
Quell (verb)
to extinguish; to put down or suppress by force
Voracious (adjective)
an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit; eager to consume great amounts of food
Abide (verb)
to remain; continue; endure; stay
Diatribe (noun)
a bitter verbal attack
Fray (noun)
a fight or scuffle; a brawl
Mawkish (adjective)
excessively and objectionably sentimental
Replete (adjective)
full or supplied to the utmost; gorged
Chastise (verb)
to discipline; criticize severely
Diffident (adjective)
lacking self confidence; timid
Garner (verb)
to gather or store
Mete (verb)
to distribute evenly; to allot
Ruminate (verb)
to ponder or reflect upon
Choleric (adjective)
bad tempered or irritable; irascible
Dire (adjective)
extremely urgent or serious; causing great worry or fear
Gregarious (adjective)
enjoying the company of others; sociable
Nemesis (noun)
an opponent or enemy that is difficult to defeat
Zenith (noun)
the strongest or most successful period of time; the culminating point; the top
Bedlam (noun)
a scene of mass confusion
Circumspect (adjective)
unwilling to take risks; careful to consider
Disconcert (verb)
to confuse or disturb the composure
Gullible (adjective)
easily fooled or cheated
Nettle (verb)
to irritate or annoy
Abate (verb)
to reduce; lessen; remove
Circumvent (verb)
to surround; enclose or bypass
Dishevel (verb)
to make untidy; to disarrange hair or clothing
Hamper (verb)
to prevent free movement, action, or progress; to hinder or impede
Nullify (verb)
to make useless; cancel; undo; invalidate
Bolster (verb)
to support (physically)
Hearten (verb)
to support (mentally)
coerce (verb)
to overpower someone, forcing, threatening
Doff (verb)
to take off
Officious (adjective)
eager to give unwanted advice
agog (adjective)
eager or curious
dogmatic (adjective)
very sure they are right; opinionated
hiatus (noun)
an interruption, gap, void
onerous (adjective)
really difficult
reproach (verb, noun)
(verb) to express disapproval or disappointment
(noun) the expression of disapproveal or dissapointment
Bombastic (adjective)
pompous or overblown in language; full of high-sounding words intended to conceal a lack of ideas
Don (verb)
to put (something) on
Hierarchy (noun)
A system in which people are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.
Ostensible (adjective)
seeming or said to be true but is not true or real.
Sedentary (adjective)
not active; requiring sitting for a long time.
Brouhaha (noun)
an episode involving excitement or confusion.
Idolatry (noun)
Extreme admiration, love, or reverence of someone or something.
Palpable (adjective)
capable of being touched or felt.
scrupulous (adjective)
very careful about doing something correctly, carful about doing whats honest.
seethe (verb)
to be filled with intense but unexpressed anger.
Attrition (noun)
a gradual decrese or reduction
Conundrum (noun)
a problem or puzzle
idyllic (adjective)
pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity
ebullience (noun)
a lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings
panache (noun)
a dash of flamboyance in style and action
boon (noun)
a timely benefit or blessing.
copious (adjective)
a very large amount or number.
edification (noun)
the act of teaching (someone) in a way that improves the mind; education.
incessant (adjective)
continuing or following; nonstop.
paradigm (noun)
a pattern or model for something that may be copied.
augment (verb)
to make better or greater; to increase the size or amount of something
Corpulent (adjective)
extremely fat
Elocution (noun)
the art of effective public speaking
Incontrovertible (adjective)
not able to be doubted or questioned; indisputable
Paragon (noun)
a model of excellence or perfection
Adroit (adjective)
clever or skillful in using the hands or mind
Covert (adjective)
made, shown, or done in a way that is not easily seen or noticed; secret
Embroil (verb)
to involve in conflicts of difficulties
Lackadaisical (adjective)
feeling or showing a lack of intrest
Patriarch (noun)
a man who controls a family, group, or government.
Ambivalence (noun)
the state of having mixed or contradictory ideas about something or someone
crony (noun)
a close friend, especially long standing.
eminent (adjective)
standing above others in rank, worth, or acheviment
influx (noun)
the arrival or inward flow of a large ammount/number of something (money or peope)
skulduggery (noun)
secret or dishonest behavior; trickery.