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1984 is typically classified as this genre


After a dream of seeing the girl in the Golden Country, Winston awakens with a word on his lips. What is the word?


All of the following are vaporized except


Besides Oceania, what are the two countries that make up the rest of the Earth?

Easasia and Eurasia

The caption on the Big Brother posters says

Big Brother is watching you

How many times does Julia claim to have had sex with Party members


How old is Julia?


How old is Winston?


In what nation did Orwell work for the British Imperial Police?


In what nation was Orwell born?


It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking'


The psychological principle that allows an individual to believe contradictory ideas at the same time is called what?


The setting for Winston's fantasy about Julia running toward him naked is

Golden Country

To what organization does Julia belong?

Junior Anti-Sex League

What are some members of the brotherhood slipped if they are captured?

razor blades

What causes Winston to collapse into tears in one of their conversations?

Winston pities his destroyed and feeble body

What colour are the Inner Party's overalls?


What did Winston steal from his sister?


What does O'Brien say when Winston asks if he has been captured?

They got me a long time ago

What does O'Brien use to torture Winston in Room 101?


What does Winston trace in the dust on the table at the end of the novel?


What famous work is 1984 associated with?

Brave New World

What happens to the glass paperweight?

It gets shattered

What happens to Winston in the end of the book?

He loves Big Brother

What is facecrime?

Wearing an improper expression on your face

What is the last line of the St. Clement's Church song?

Here comes a chopper to chop off your head

What is the name for the mass rally held every day?

Two minutes hate

What is the name of the book written, supposedly, by Emmanuel Goldstein?

The Theoryand Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

What is the place where there is no darkness?

Ministry of Love

What is the specialty of the Chestnut Tree Cafe?

Saccharine flavored with cloves

What is winston's new job after he is released from the Ministry of Love?

determining if commas go inside brackets

What organization urges children to turn their parents over to the authorities?

Junior Spies

What piece of evidence of the Party's dishonesty does Winston remember having coming across several years earlier?


What project is Syme working on at the beginning of the novel?

Newspeak Dictionary

What question causes the most pain to Winston during the conversations with O' Brien?

2+2= 3,4, or 5?

What was George Orwell's real name?

Eric blair

What year was 1984 published?


Where do Winston and Julia make love for the first time?


Where is the telescreen hidden in the room above Mr. Charrington's shop?

Behing the painting of St.Clement's Dane

Which of the following characters is secretly a member of the Thought Police?


Who really wrote the manifesto that O'Brien gives to Winston?


Who turns Parsons in to the Thought Police?


Why does the elevator not work?

because electricity is being saved in preparation for Hate Week

Why do tears spring to Rutherford's eyes in the Chestnut Street Cafe?

A song, "Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me," is played over the telescreen

Winston commits thoughtcrime by writing which of the following in his diary?

Down with Big Brother

Winston predicts that all of the following will be vaporized except


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