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  1. Why do tears spring to Rutherford's eyes in the Chestnut Street Cafe?
  2. Where is the telescreen hidden in the room above Mr. Charrington's shop?
  3. Where do Winston and Julia make love for the first time?
  4. What was George Orwell's real name?
  5. What project is Syme working on at the beginning of the novel?
  1. a Behing the painting of St.Clement's Dane
  2. b Forest
  3. c Eric blair
  4. d A song, "Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me," is played over the telescreen
  5. e Newspeak Dictionary

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  1. Shakespeare
  2. 13
  3. Parsons
  4. Scores
  5. Winston pities his destroyed and feeble body

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  1. All of the following are vaporized exceptParsons


  2. Who turns Parsons in to the Thought Police?Daughter


  3. What colour are the Inner Party's overalls?Eric blair


  4. What happens to Winston in the end of the book?He loves Big Brother


  5. Winston commits thoughtcrime by writing which of the following in his diary?Parsons