EN - advanced English idioms (EN-EN)

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A dime a dozen
Anything that is common and easy to get, of little value
All or nothing
A neuron either conducts an action potential or it does not.
All that glitters is not gold
Appearances can be deceptive and things that look or sound valuable can be worthless
All the more reason
Makes something even more justifiable
All's well that ends well
After a difficult situation is resolved, everything is well
Ask for the moon
Demanding the impossible; Asking for something that is extremely unlikely
At long last
As the end result of a succession or process
Back to the drawing board
Start again on a new design - after a failure of an earlier attempt
Bend the law
To cheat a little bit without breaking the law
Burn one's bridges
To destroy all possible ways of going back to a situation
Button your lip
Keep quiet and don't speak; A way of telling someone to shut up; Keep secret
By the skin of one's teeth
Just barely; By a very narrow margin; Hardly, scarcely, almost
Cash and carry
Policy created during WWII where allies must pay American items in full and transport them themselves
Charity begins at home
You should try to help your family and friends before you help other people; Do as you would be done
Cock and bull story
Unbelievable story; An unbelievable lie
Come to blows
Start fighting after a disagreement
Come to grips with something
To understand, accept, or deal with something difficult
Common law marriage
An informal type of marriage created by the parties themselves
Down and out
Desperately poor and need help; No job or home
Eat someone out of house and home
Eat so much as to deplete someones resources; Little food is left for the owner
Foot the bill
Pay for the whole thing, bill
Forewarned is forearmed
If you know about something beforehand, you can prepare for it
From the school of hard knocks
Education one gets from life's usually negative experiences, often contrasted with formal education
Go on a binge
To do too much of something, such as eating or drinking
Green with envy
Very jealous or envious
Happy as a lark
Very happy (sometimes with the extra connotations of being carefree or unaware of grimmer realities)
In hot water
In big trouble
Life of riley
An easy and pleasant life
Second nature
Acquired behavior that is practiced so long it seems innate; A characteristic or habit that appears to be instinctive
To go against the grain
To irritate someone
Be knee-high to a grasshopper
To be very small or young
baker's dozen
13, not 12
As a cucumber
Calm; Cool
Raison d'être
Reason for being; Justification for existence
pièce de résistance
The main dish of a meall; The principal event, incident, or item; An outstanding accomplishment
Achilles heel
A weakness