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Feb 1945- Sets up Cold War. Stalin, FDR, and Churchill meet for the last time (FDR is very worn out at this point). Stalin bullies for what he wants. Eastern Europe is "sold down the river" to Stalin, official endorsement. All agree that there will be least on Paper; Stalin wants Poland to become communist even though he said he would allow democratic govs. -people criticize FDR @ Yalta for trusting Stalin too much. -white-washing of Poland is happening. Manhattan project. Western side- FDR and Churchill, Soviet side- Stalin. They all agree that they hate Hitler; basically this is not honored at all...which is super awk because then everyone gets all commie
Final meet up of Stalin, Churchill, FDR in Black Sea (Mediterranean)
o FDR is very worn out and dies shortly after this conference
· At the time of Yalta, Germany was close to defeat. Britain and US troops were advancing from the west and Red Army from East.
· At conference it was agreed to divide Germany up amongst the Allies
o Everyone knows that Germany/Hitler is about to fail!
· *United Nations is established! (based on the principles of the Atlantic Charter)
· Yalta sets up the beginning of the Cold War (eastern Europe is basically sold to Stalin)
· Stalin gets an official endorsement in Europe from Yalta
o With this Stalin promises to set up different governments in Eastern Europe
o Stalin makes promises that there is no way on checking on him
§ Ex. Polandà Stalin "agrees" to set up a democratic government
o America angry at FDR for trusting Stalin too much
· ALTHOUGH, secretly FDR has the Manhattan project underway J