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Wordmasters Meet 3 Blue Division 3rd Grade


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Texture (n.)
1. the feel and appearance of a surface, especially how rough or smooth it is 2. the structure of a substance or material such as soil or food, especially how it feels when touched or chewed 3. the rough quality of a substance or fabric
Gaudy (adj.)
brightly colored or showily decorated to an unpleasant or vulgar degree
Yelp (v.)
1. to utter a short sharp high-pitched bark or cry, usually of pain 2. to say something in a sharp high-pitched voice
Motion (n.)
1. the act or process of moving, or the way in which somebody or something moves 2. a movement, action, or gesture 3. the power or ability to move something
Soar (v.)
1. to increase rapidly in number, volume, size, or amount 2. to fly or rise high in the air 3. to glide on rising currents of air
Miniature (n.)
1. a smaller than usual version of something, e.g. a very small model or smaller version of a particular breed of animal 2. a very small, detailed, and well-finished painting, especially a portrait made to fit inside a locket or other piece of jewelry
Tundra (n.)
the level or nearly level treeless plain between the ice cap and the timber line of the North America, Europe, and Asia that has permanently frozen subsoil
Plunge (v.)
1. to move suddenly downward or forward, or move something in this way 2. to put somebody or something suddenly into an unpleasant or undesirable situation 3. to become involved in something with great enthusiasm
Harmful (adj.)
causing damage or injury
Accent (n.)
1. an act of climbing a mountain or hill 2. an upward or vertical movement 3. a slope in an upward direction
Ford (n.)
a shallow part of a river or stream where people, animals, or vehicles can cross it
Dingy (adj.)
1. lacking light in a gloomy or unpleasant way 2. dirty-looking, discolored, or faded 3. shabby and uninviting
Marsh (n.)
1. an area of low-lying waterlogged land, often beside water, that is poorly drained and liable to flood, difficult to cross on foot, and unfit for agriculture or building
Drawl (n.)
a way of speaking in which the speaker draws out the vowel sounds and pronounces words slowly
Humorous (adj.)
1. intended to be amusing and make people laugh 2. witty or able to make people laugh
Sorrow (n.)
1. a feeling of deep sadness caused by a loss or misfortune 2. an unforgettable event, experience, or other cause of sorrow
Chatter (v.)
1. to talk or converse rapidly and informally about unimportant things 2. to make a rapid series of short high-pitched sounds that seem to resemble speech 3. to click together rapidly because of movement of the jaw caused by fear or cold
Merry (adj.)
1. full of or showing lively cheerfulness or enjoyment 2. tending to produce cheerfulness or happiness in people
Companion (n.)
1. the lowest ranking member in a British order of knighthood 2. (n.) somebody who accompanies or shares time with another 3. an object or item that goes with another to make a pair
Exclaim (v.)
to speak or cry out loudly and suddenly, often through surprise, anger, or excitement
Gleeful (adj.)
1. having joyful or animated delight 2. jubilant and often smug pleasure, especially as a result of somebody else's bad luck or failure
Summit (n.)
1. a meeting between heads of government or other high-ranking officials to discuss a matter of great importance 2. the highest point or top of something, especially a mountain 3. the point or time at which something is at its most successful or intense
Creep (v.)
1. to move along silently and stealthily 2. to move along with the body close to the ground 3. to sneak up behind someone or without someone's knowledge
Solitary (adj.)
1. alone; without companions; unattended 2. living alone; avoiding the society of others 3. being the only one
Wound (v.)
1. an injury usually involving division of tissue or rupture of the integument or mucous membrane, due to external violence or some mechanical agency rather than disease 2. a similar injury to the tissue of a plant 3. an injury or hurt feelings, sensibilities, reputation , etc.