Useful Phrasal Verbs for TOEFL


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Account for
To explain the reason for
Adhere to
Allude to
Mention in an indirect way
Bring on
To cause something bad to happen, especially illness
Bring up
To start discussing a subject
Come about
To happen, especially by chance
Cut back
To reduce
Do without
To succeed in living or working without
Embark on
To start a new project or activity, usually one that will be difficult or take time
Follow through
To continue doing something until it has been completed
Frown upon
To not approve of something
Get across
To make people understand something
Get around
To be heard by a lot of people
Get at
To try to suggest something without saying it directly
Get back
To start doing something again after not doing it for a period of time.
Look forward to
To feel happy about something that is going to happen
Look into
To try to discover facts about something
Make of
To understand someone or something in a certain way
Map out
To plan in detail how something will happen
Meet up
To come together with someone
Narrow down
To reduce the number of possibilities
Put forward
To suggest an idea, opinion so that it can be discussed
Put off
To delay doing something especially when you don't want to do it
Resort to
To do something unpleasant in order to solve a problem
Rule out
To stop considering something as a possibility
Run by
To tell someone your ideas so they can give you their opinion
Talk out of
To persuade someone not to do something
Think over
To consider a problem carefully
Turn out
To develop in a particular way
Verge on
To almost be in a particular state