APWH 27: The Islamic Empires


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Ottoman Empire
Muslim empire on Anatolian Peninsula (Turkey). Expansionists who conquered Constantinople and spread into SE Europe. They also spread along the northern coast of Africa.
The new name for the conquered city of Constantinople. Capital city of the Ottoman Empire.
'Selection' in Turkish. The system by which boys from Christian communities were taken by the Ottoman state to serve as slaves to the sultan or warriors.
The Ottoman army consisting of the children of Christians from Southeast Europe.
Suleiman the Magnificent
Leader of the Ottomans in a golden age. Brilliant war general who conquered areas of eastern Europe and a much larger portion of the Middle East.
Safavid Empire
Empire established by Ismail Safavi in modern-day Iran. Most importantly, they were followers of Shi`ite beliefs and clashed with Sunnis. Would not use firearms, considering them "unmanly."
Mughal Empire
Muslim Empire of the early modern period. Used gunpowder technology to conquered the northern half of India and establish a syncretic Muslim state.
Known as "the Tiger," this man founded the Mughal Empire. He was most interested in improving his own power and wealth.
Akbar the Great
Absolutely ruthless Mughal dictator who was known for his philosophical and religious thought. He attempted to establish a syncretic form of Islam called the "divine faith."
Taj Mahal
A beautiful tomb built by the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan to honor his wife.