Government quiz #4


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In the Texas legislature, the House has ________ members and the Senate has ________
150, 31
Texas senators serve ________-year terms and House members serve ________-year terms.
4, 2
What is the function of the "local and consent" calendar?
It is for bills that are uncontroversial or limited to a localized problem. Needs a 100% yes vote to pass.
The requirements for holding office in the Texas legislature are......
Are minimal, in keeping with the idea that office holding should be open to most citizens.
For how long does the Texas legislature meet?
140 days
The agenda for special sessions in the Texas legislature is set by the ____________.
A bill in the Texas legislature that would allow a county to establish a new community college
would be classified as a...
Local Bill
Which is the most important bill that applies to all people and property throughout the state?
General Bill
What is the main difference between a bill and a resolution?
Unlike a bill, a resolution, if passed, lacks the force of a public law.
Constituency services provided by Texas representatives may include all of the following:
-Giving a speech to a local civic group.
-Providing legal services in court.
- Attempting to influence decisions of government agencies.
- Legislative activity.
Unlike other states, in Texas ________ can introduce a bill in the Texas legislature.
only a member of the legislature
In Texas, who can write a bill?
Anyone at all
In the Texas legislature, the referral of a bill to a standing committee in the House and the
Senate is the job of the......
Speaker of the House and lieutenant governor.
There are certain rules that apply to the filibuster in the Texas Senate that are quite different from those in the U.S. Senate. Which of the following is NOT one of those rules?
There is one seven-minute bathroom break
As in the U.S. Congress, what is the purpose of a conference committee in the Texas legislature?
It is a committee designed to make differing House and Senate versions of the same bill identical.
When the governor strikes out specific spending provisions in large appropriations bills it is
The line-item veto.
Which of the following statements about partisanship in the Texas legislature is correct?
Historically, partisanship has been rather low, but in recent years the legislature has moved in a more partisan era
In the Texas House of Representatives, who has the power to allow members to speak in floor
the Speaker of the House
Who has responsibility for redistricting the Texas delegation to the U.S. Congress?
The Texas legislature
What is the importance of the Supreme Court case Reynolds v. Sims?
It forced Texas to redraw boundary lines for districts to give equal representation to the people.
The Legislative Redistricting Board has the authority to draw new districts if
If the legislature fails to redraw districts at the first regular session after the census.
The governor of Texas has strong formal powers.
Which of the following is not a qualification a person would need to be a viable candidate for governor of Texas?
Born in Texas
Who was the first Republican governor of Texas since Reconstruction, and when was he
or she elected?
William Clements in 1978
In Texas, why are gubernatorial elections held in off-years?
minimize the power of presidential elections on governors race
What is the ultimate check on the governor?
In Texas, if a sitting governor is unable to hold office due to impeachment and conviction,
resignation, or death, who becomes governor?
The lieutenant governor
What is the Texas governor's most significant and far-reaching power?
the power to appoint boards and commissions
Which of the following is the best example of the Texas governor's exercise of senatorial
The governor will not appoint someone to office unless that appointee's state senator agrees.
Which of the following is the best example of the Texas governor's military powers?
The governor can declare martial law during a natural disaster.
The Texas governor has what kind of legislative powers?
Signing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature
What is the Texas governor's greatest judicial power?
the power to appoint judges to vacancies in the courts
In Texas, what is the primary effect of a plural executive?
It dilutes the power of the governor and fragments the executive branch
Why did the Texas Constitution establish a plural executive?
There was suspicion of a strong chief executive
What is the primary task of the Texas secretary of state?
to handle elections and voter registration
What are the duties of the lieutenant governor of Texas?
Signing or vetoing bills passed by the Legislature. Serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces
The chief lawyer for Texas is the _______________.
attorney general.
In Texas, what is the most important power of the state comptroller?
estimating tax revenues for the legislature
In Texas, the plural executive is held accountable through all of the following: (except)
appointment by the governor.
Setting local telephone and electric rates is the responsibility of the......
Public Utilities Commission(PUC)
Authority over railroads throughout Texas was given to the ________ in 2005.
Texas Railroad Commission
The Texas State Board of Education is responsible for all of the following:(EXCEPT)
funding public school districts.
What is the purpose of the Sunset Advisory Commission in Texas?
Created in 1975, its purpose is to review the effectiveness of state agencies.