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Unit C, Chapter 3 Climate

Foresman 5th grade
When does water change it's state?
when temperatures change
What happens after water evaporates from the earth and the oceans?
it rises to the atmosphere and falls to the earth as precipitation
What occurs after precipitation falls to Earth?
it sinks to the ground makes it's way to the ocean
Certain gases in the atmosphere cause the greenhouse effect when they
absorb heat and keep the earth warm
What is determined by Earth's ball-like shape?
the amount of energy from the sun that a place gets.
Earth's tilt causes the seasonal changes by determining...
how much sunlight a place gets at different times of the year.
Why can large bodies of water can have fairly even temperatures?
Because water heats and cools evenly
How is climate of land near the path of an ocean current affected?
It's affected by the constant temperatures of the water
Because winds carry heat energy and water vapor as they move, what do they affect?
they can change the weather of the land they blow across
How do volcanic eruptions change the temperature in the nearby area?
they release sulfur dioxide which mixes in the atmosphere and keeps the suns energy from reaching the earth.
Global warming
an increase in the earth's temperature.
can have different climates from the top to the bottom. Can affect the amount of rain an area gets.
any form of water that falls to the earth from a cloud
is the temperature, precipitation, winds, humidity, clouds, and other conditions in a place at a particular time.
the average weather conditions in an area over many years.
are paths of water or air
the amount of water vapor in the air
El Nino
a natural event that can change the weather when the water in the Pacific ocean near the equator increases the temperature. Warm water can travel eastward.
How are the effects of volcanic eruptions and those of an El Nino alike and how are they different
Both the natural event of a volcano and the El Nino cause climate affects across different parts of the earth. Dust and gas from a vlocano can make low temperatures. The El Nino brings severe storms to some areas and drought to other parts.
Water droplets, faucet water, and lakes rivers and oceans are what state?
the liquid state of water
Water vapor and clouds are in what form?
water in gas form
When water evaporates heat energy changes it form from a ____ to a ___
liquid to gas
When water condences loss of heat energy changes it form a ____ to a ___
gas to liquid