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Skull Review

Frontal Bone
Maxilla Bone
Mandible Bone
Sphenoid Bone
Zygomatic Bone
Frontal Bone
Temporal Bone
Occipital Bone
Sphenoid Bone
Parietal Bone
Nasal Bone
Maxilla Bone
Lacrimal Bone
Coronal suture
Squamous suture
Lambdoid suture
Sagittal suture
Lambdoid suture
Mastoid Process
Styloid Process
External Acoustic Meatus
Mandibular condyle
Coronoid Process
Mental Foramen
Ethmoid Bone
Sphenoid Bone
Lacrimal Bone
Perpendicular Plate
Middle Nasal Conchae
Inferior Nasal Conchae
Crista galli
Cribiform plate
Sella turcica
Internal Acoustic Meatus
Jugular foramen
Foramen magnum
Optic canal
Lesser Wing
Greater Wing
Ethmoid Bone
Vomer Bone
Palatine Bone
Sphenoid Bone
Styloid process
Carotid Canal
Jugular Foramen
Occipital Condyle
Mandibular Fossa
Zygomatic process
Temporal process
External acoustic Meatus
Superior Orbital Fissure
Infreior Orbital Fissure
Infraorbital foramen
Nasolacrimal canal
Mandibular Foramen
Frontal Process
part of the zygomatic bone that goes upwards towards the frontal bone.