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Steptococcus pneumonia bacteria cause what illness?
the name streptococcus tells you that bacteria are arranged as _______________.
long chains of round cells
bacteria are used in what three things?
farming, medical industry, and food industry
what do antibiotics do to bacteria?
kill them by attacking their cell walls
why do resistance genes persist and spread throughout bacterial populations?
natural selection (survival of the fittest)
How do humans contribute to bacterial resistance?
-stop taking meds too soon (underuse)
-insist of getting antibiotics for viruses (overuse)
-stockpiling and trying to medicate ourselves (misuse)
Some bacteria, when faced with unfavorable environmental conditions, produce structures called _____.
What type of bacteria are found in extreme environments?
Asexual reproduction of bacteria
binary fission
sexual reproduction of bacteria
bacteria have what type of cells?
do bacteria have DNA?
YES; they have circular DNA called plasmids
rod shaped bacteria are called...
sphere shaped bacteria are called...
spiral shaped bacteria are called...
bacteria arranged in pairs are called...
bacteria arranged in clumps are called...
bacteria arranged in chains are called...
bacteria that require oxygen are called ...
obligate aerobes
bacteria that cannot survive in the presence of oxygen are called...
obligate anaerobes
what is nitrogen fixation?
when bacteria "fix" nitrogen into a form that is useable for plants
what are two ways that bacteria do damage to your body?
1. destroy tissue
2. produce toxins
Can you get rid of STD's that are caused by bacteria?
yes; with antibiotics
Bacteria that cause diseases are called _____.
How do some bacteria move around?
what is the difference in gram positive and gram negative bacteria?
gram positive stains purple and gram negative stains pink
bacteria that are anaerobic release energy from food by what process?
Gram staining helps to identify bacteria by staining their _____
cell walls
bacterial cell walls are made up of ___
bacteria living in the digestive tract of animals have what type of symbiotic relationship?
What is nitrogen fixation?
when bacteria convent nitrogen into ammonia and other nitrogen compounds that plants can the use
What is bioremediation?
when bacteria break down pollutants into nontoxic or less toxic compounds
Why do antibiotics not effect our bodies own cells?
because we don't have cell walls
Cyanobacteria (blue-green bacteria)produce _____
Legumes have a mutualistic relationship with bacteria that live in ___
their root nodules
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