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Career Goals
The type of job you would like to be doing in the future.
A summary of your personal information.
A list of schools you have attended.
Work History
A list of jobs you have had.
A short list covering the main points.
A list of people who will say a good word about you.
Personal Information
Your name ,address, and phone number
What type of person you are.
soft skills
Why you are interested in the job. These are what you would add to your cover letter
Hard Skills
Examples of hard skills are: word processing programs, spreadsheets, and keyboarding.
a developed talent or ability. Something you have already learned
the quality of being able to do something especially physical, mental, financial or legal process to accomplish something
Purpose of a Resume
is to secure an interview
is a complete listing of an individual's education, work experience & professional training
One Page
the length of a resume
Contact Information
important part of a resume
Main Focus of Resume
is the person who will be reading it

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