Morris Honors English All Quiet on the Western Front Characters


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Paul Baumer
20 year old protagonist of the novel and also the narrator
Past school teacher who convinced the "Iron Youth" that they should go to war to serve their country. Created the name "Iron Youth". Used to be respected but is not hated by the kids he peer pressured into enlisting (ruined their lives). He is part of the resented older generation.
Corporal Himmelstoss
Post-man from their hometown He is the despised corporal in charge of Paul and the "gang". With a bag on his head, he is ambushed, beaten, and whipped for his mean behavior. Haie, Paul, Kropp, and Tjaden plotted this revenge.
Stanislaus Katczinsky
"the leader of our group, shrewd, cunning, and hard-bitten, forty years of age, with a face of the soil, blue eyes, bent shoulders, and a remarkable nose for dirty weather, good food, and soft jobs.
"who still carries his school textbooks with him, dreams of examinations, and during a bombardment mutters propositions in physics"; as he lays dying with a stomach wound, he gives his boots to Paul
"who wears a full beard and has a preference for the girls from officers' brothels. He swears that they are obliged by an army order to wear silk chemises and to bathe before entertaining guests of the rank of captain and upwards"
"the biggest eater of the company. He sits down to eat as thin as a grasshopper and gets up as big as a bug in the family way"
Haie Westhus
"of the same age, a peat-digger, who can easily hold a ration-loaf in his hand and say: Guess what I've got in my fist"
"peasant, who thinks of nothing but his farm-yard and his wife"
The cook for the soldiers; grudgingly hands over extra portions to the men
Albert Kropp
"the clearest thinker among us and therefore only a lance-corporal"
Josef Behm
one of the first classmates to die, he didn't want to enlist but caved under pressure from friends/teacher. His death shatters the rest of the class's trust in authorities
Sergeant Oellrich
accurate sniper
Little Peter
The man who goes into the Dying Room and makes it back out
Josef Hamacher
a sharpshooter the men encounter at the Catholic Hospital. When Paul tosses a bottle to quiet the loudly praying nuns,_____ takes the blame.
Sister Libertine
A nun at the Catholic hospital; helps Paul and Albert and also wheels Peter back from the Dead Room.
Franz Wachter
Hospital buddy of Paul and Albert; he suffers an arm wound that bleeds during the night; ____
is taken to the Dead Room and never returns.
The Three French Girls
Occupy a house across the canal from Paul, Leer and Tjaden's quarter, they welcome the soldiers who pay their way with army rations; they are more interested in the food then the men; Paul picks the brunette
"six feet and the most powerful man in the company"; he attempts to save a dying dog on the battlefront, but instead is shot in the pelvis
Kaiser Wilhelm
looks much smaller in real life than he does in pictures; distributes various Iron Crosses and the group, then marches off
Lieutenant Bertinck
The company commander and a good guy. He loves his men, allows them to eat extra rations when Ginger the cook tries to withhold them, and he dies saving his company from the attack of enemy flamethrowers.
Heinrich Bredemeyer
A soldier who informs Paul's mother about front-line dangers.
Frau Baumer
mother of Paul, suffers from cancer
Frau Kemmerich
mother of Kemmerich, Paul visits her and lies telling her that her son died a fast painless death.
Paul's friend who commands the home guard and uses his authority to humiliate Kantorek, their former schoolmaster, even parroting some of Kantorek's favorite sneers. To circumvent punishment, Mittelstaedt relies on his ongoing relationship with the daughter of his superior officer.
the school porter (janitor); he sum total of his actions in the book are to stand for inspection with other soldiers and to take a cart to collect bread from the bakehouse; a contrasting character to Kantorek
Gerard Duval
A French soldier whom Paul kills in No Man's Land. A printer with a wife and child at home. first person that Paul kills in hand-to-hand combat, one of Paul's most traumatic experiences in the war.