gcse dance-artificial things

stimulus 1
snow globe
stimulus 2
stimulus 3
personal experiences
choreographic intention
coming to terms with lifes limitations
choreographic intention-more detail
the characters surrender to the fact that we all have to live with individual regrets
how do we see the choreographic intention in the dance?
building the wheelchair, they cant to it on their own so they help each other.
how does it make us think of a snowglobe? (3 points)
paper snow, the two able dancers stare at the disabled dancers as if looking through a snow globe, they don't use much space as if they are physically in a snow globe
where does the dance take place?
proscenium arch
how does the proscenium arch stage link to the CI? (3 points)
leaves the dance space open for the audience to see the whole stage for what it is, disabilities vunerable, links to the snow globe because they both represent looking through and the audience making their own judgements
set desgin.1
paper snow
set design.2
grey floor edged with wood
set design.3
painted canvas
set design.4
headless mannequin
set design.5
set design.6
set design link to stimulus? (4 points)
paper snow links to snow globe, headless mannequin represents people with different missing body parts, dripping paint inspired by djurovic, wooden box around the edge show enclosed area
lighting (2 points)
focuses on one spot and opens out from the middle, cool wash and warm wash
why do they separate two areas on stage with lighting?
brighter light to show outside the snow globe, darker light to show inside
why do they use a wash of blue light?
blue is associated with calmless and coldness
costume (2 points)
paint running down their clothing suggest they are stuck in one of djurovic's paintings, the change in clothes shows time has passed.
how does the costume link to the stimulus?
anna was inspired by djurovic's paintings so she desgined the costumes with paint physically applied to them.
aural setting (3 points)
paino creats a cold ambient sound, sound of paper snow, other sound effects such as train rumble and footsteps.
how does the aural setting link to the stimulus?
dancers have to get to grips with their limitations but it happens gradually just like the music changes gradually.
describe the aural setting (4 points)
rhythm isn't steady, sound of the wind represents outside, train rumbles because lucy was at the train station, artificial sounds
choreographic approach
encouraged the dancers to input ideas
describe the closing solo
the music is a song that his dad used to sing to him, its very personal