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  1. perpendicular line
  2. square number
  3. similar
  4. product
  5. x-axis
  1. a the result of multiplication
  2. b having the same shape as something else but possibly different in size
  3. c lines that intersect to form four right angles
  4. d the horizontal line on a coordinate grid
  5. e the product of a number and itself

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  1. each group of three digits in a number between commas
  2. a polygon that is a flat surface of solid figure
  3. a polygon with four equal sides and four right angles
  4. the number of square units needed to cover a surface
  5. a graph that uses a line to show how data changes over a period

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  1. medianeach group of three digits in a number between commas


  2. massthe amount of matter in an object


  3. probabilitythe amount a container can hold when it is filled


  4. numeratora polygon with six sides and six angles


  5. octagona polygon with five sides and five angles