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  1. difference
  2. equation
  3. flip
  4. triangle
  5. probability
  1. a the answer to to a subtraction problem
  2. b the likelihood that an event will happen
  3. c a number sentence which states that two amounts are equal
  4. d a polygon with three sides and three angles
  5. e a movement of a figure to a new position by flipping the figure over a line

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  1. lines that intersect to form four right angles
  2. a movement of a figure to a new position by rotating the figure around a point
  3. a round object whose curved surface is the same distance from the center to all of its points
  4. a way to write numbers by showing the value of each digit
  5. lines that never intersect

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  1. medianeach group of three digits in a number between commas


  2. sumthe answer to an addition problem


  3. equationa number that names part of a whole


  4. circle grapha graph in the shape of a circle that shows data as a whole made up of different parts


  5. x-axisthe horizontal line on a coordinate grid