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  1. cumlative frequency
  2. closed figure
  3. perimeter
  4. standard form
  5. array
  1. a the distance around a figure
  2. b a shape that begins and ends at the same point
  3. c the sum of the frequency of data as they are collected, a running total of items being counted
  4. d an arrangement of objects in rows and columns
  5. e a way to write numbers by using digits

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  1. a type of triangle with no congruent sides
  2. the process of sharing a number of items to find how many groups can be made or how many items will be in a group; the opposite operation of multiplication
  3. an angle that forms a square corner and has a measure of 90 degrees
  4. the value of a place, such as ones or tens, in a number
  5. the mark in a decimal number that separates the ones and the tenths place

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  1. x-axisthe horizontal line on a coordinate grid


  2. addendthe line made where two or more faces of a solid figure meet


  3. number lineeach group of three digits in a number between commas


  4. parenthesesthe amount of matter in an object


  5. quadrilaterala polygon with four sides and four angles