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  1. slide
  2. addend
  3. right triangle
  4. turn
  5. expanded form
  1. a a number that is added to another in an addition problem
  2. b a way to write numbers by showing the value of each digit
  3. c a movement of a figure to a new position by rotating the figure around a point
  4. d a triangle that has one right angle
  5. e a movement of a figure to a new position without turning or flipping it

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  1. the symbols used to show which operations in an expression should be done first
  2. lines that never intersect
  3. to find an answer that is close to the exact answer
  4. a graph that uses a line to show how data changes over a period
  5. the mark in a decimal number that separates the ones and the tenths place

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  1. x-axisthe vertical line on a coordinate grid


  2. acute anglean angle that has a measure less than a right angle (less than 90 degrees)


  3. two-dimensionalmeasured in three directions such as length, width, and height


  4. word forma way to write numbers by using digits


  5. flipa customary unit used for measuring length or distance (such as a ruler)


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