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Common Phrasal Verbs


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Look into
Look it up
To read
Bring up
To raise
Doing up
Repair, renovate
Look back
Think about the past
Speak up
Speak more loudly
Stand for
Mean, be an abbreviation of
Broke down
Stop working because of mechanical problem
Make it up
Became friends again after a quarrel
Drop in
Pay a surprise visit
Run into
Meet someone by chance
Come into
Come across
Find something by chance
Go down
Reduces in size
Get over
Recover from
Work out
Invent a plan to solve a problem
Make out
See clearly
Take after
Inherit a characteristic from your parent or grandparent
Make up
Hold up
Drop me off
Stop the car so someone can get out
Take off
For a plane - to leave
See her off
Say goodbye to someone at an airport station
Pick you up
Give a lift in a car to someone who is waiting
Set off
Start a journey
Call off
Take aback
Surprised, shooked
Put off
Give out
Try it on
Put on clothes or things in a shop to see if it's the right size
Worn out
In bad condition because of age
Go with
Looks good with
Try out
Experiment with something
Give up
Drop off
Fall asleep
Go off
Become old to eat
Go through
Examine carefully
Take me in
Deceive, be dishonest
Look up to
Look down to
Not admires
Put me off
Look forward to
Thinking with pleasure about something in the future
Put up with
Tell him off
Talk with a child in an angry way
Tear it up
Tear into pieces
Take up
Begin to do a leisure activity
Fill in
Complete a form
Pass away
Brush up
Make a quick improvement to a skill
Die out
Became extinctic
Get away with
Escape punishment
Carry out
Execute an order, follow instructions
Go off
Broke out
War, fighting started
Run out
Finish the supply of something
Worn out
Cut off
To lose connection
Drop out
Abandon a course of study
Fell out
Stop being friends
Cheer up
Become happier
Look out
Be careful
Keep up with
Maintain the same pace
Throw them away
Put them in the rubbish
Put out
Extinguish, stop doing something
Turn out
Reveal to be
Go on
Keep on
Show off
Try to impress
Let you down
Disappoint you
Set up
Start an organisation
Make up
Turn up
Arive, appear
Bring up
Introduce a topic into a conversation
Clear up
Of the weather, became brighter
Keep away
Don't go near
Catch out
Update a friend that you don't talk for a long time.
Figure out
Try to solve
Go over
Turn down
Fall out
Not speaking
Go off
To make a noise, sound
Put me off
Don't want any more
Get by
Manage, deal with
Give in
Agree after refusing a period of time