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This area contains contains commands and feature for performing actions divided into tabs and groups

formula bar

this area displays the formula stored withing the cell (not the result

thin black cross

the cell pointer changes to this when pointing at the small black square at the bottom right corner of the active cell


this would be the formula entry to divide the contents of c6 by the contents in c12

pointing method

this is the method used to create a formula by typing the equal signand operator symbols while clicking reference cells between the typed symbols


this is the term used to refer to the values identified within parentheses in the SUM function


The autosum button is located in this group in the home tab

drag to select

do this action if excel suggests the wrong range after clicking the autosum button

paste options

this button appears after copied cells are pasted into destination range

proof formulas

this is the term for the formulas entered beside or below a worksheet that are designed to verify the worksheet's activity

Accounting number format

This format adds a dollar sign, a comma in the thousands place anf 2 decimal placed to each valuein the selected range

custom sort

click the sort and filter button in the editing group in the home tab and then click this option at the drop down List to display the sort dialog box


this keboard shortcut will open the excel help window when pointing to a button

print tab

Display this tab in backstage view to change the page orientation

go to f5

Open this diaglog box to type a cell refernce to which you want to move the active cell

clear all

use this feature to remove everything from a cell including text and formulas

insert sheet row

make a cell active anywhere in this row to insert a a new row between 11 and 12

insert sheet column

make a cell active anywhere in this column to insert a new column between e and f

autofit column width

this is the ter for adjusting a column width to the length of the longest entry

live preview

This term refers to the feature where excel shows the results of a format option while pointing to the option in a drop down list or gallery


by default cells are initially set to this numeric style format

Middle alignment

Click this button in the alignment group of the home tab to center cells vertically between the top and the bottom cell boundaries

format painter

Click this button in the clipboard group of the home tab to copy the formats of the active cell

cell styles

this feature stores predefined format options


this feature stores a set of colors, fonts, and effects that can be applied to entire worksheets


make this cell active to freeze rows 1-5

zoom slider bar, zoom dialog box

List 2 methods for changing the zoom magnification to view more cells in the current window

insert clip art

Click this tab and button to search for art on office online


click this button in the illustrations group to insert an image stored in a file


This symbol next to a column or row number means the referance is absolute


Average and count are two functions grouped in this function category


This date and time function inserts the current date (without the time) in the active cell


This fiancial function returns the payment for the loan based on a canstant interest rate and period of time for repayment

name box



The IF function if found in this category of functions in the function library


This type of chart is used to illustrate each data point as a proportion of the total

design, layout, format

When a chart is selected these 3 contextual chart tools tabs apperar


This button in the illustrations group is used when you want to draw a star

backstage view

page setup options such as custom margins can be changed using page layout tab or while viewing a preview of how the worksheet will print in this view

page layout

you can type in the header or footer text directly in the worksheet while viewing the worksheet in this view


this code is inserted in the header or footer when you click on the file name button in the header and footer elements gorup





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