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current unhealed burns, sunburn, friction

Codes from the burn category are for _____ except ____ and ____ burns.

dermatitis, superficial injury

Sunburn and friction burns are classified as ____ and ____.

late effects

Sequelae that remain after a burn has healed are classified as _____.

each burn site

When coding burns, assign separate codes for ____.

not documented

Codes for multiple sites should only be used if the location of burn is ____.

first degree

Erythema is a ____ burn.

second degree

Blistering is a _____ burn.

third degree

Full thickness involvement indicates a ____ burn.

first degree

Type of burn limited to the outer layer of the epidermis with erythema and increased tenderness.

second degree

Type of burn that represents a partial thickness injury to the dermis which may be superficial or deep.

third degree

With this type of burn, the dermal barrier is lost, and the presence of necrotic tissue create fluid volume loss and is more susceptible to infection.

blood supply

The critical factor in healing of third degree burns is _____.

necrosis, thrombosed vessels

Deep third degree burns are characterized by an underlying _____ with _____.

highest degree

Burns of the same site but of different depths are classified according to the ____ recorded in diagnostic statement.

highest degree, burns of other sites

When coding multiple burns, sequence first the burn code of _____ with additional codes for _____.

residual condition, late effect code, late effect e code

Encounters for treatment of late effects of burns should be coded to the ______ followed by _____ code. A ______ is also used.

condition being treated

For burn patients admitted for repair of scar tissue, skin contracture, or other sequela, a code should be assigned for _____.

body surface, all types, body surface, third degree burns

For the extent of burn, the fourth digit indicates total percentage of _____ in ____ of burns. The fifth digit indicates the percent of _____ involved in ______ only.

20 percent, third degree burns

When more than _____ of the body surface in involved in ______, it is advisable to assign an additional code from "extent of burns" category.

rule of nines

Extent of burns is based on ______ for estimating the amount of body surface involved in a burn.

burn, posttraumatic wound infection

When a burn is described as infected, the code for ____ is sequenced first with ______ assigned as additional code.

circumstances of admission

When a patient present with a burn injury and another related condition, _____ determine the selection of the principal diagnosis.

additional diagnoses, reportable diagnoses

Preexisting conditions should be coded as _____ when they meet the criteria for _____.

second degree burn

If you have a first degree and a second degree burn of the lower leg, code only _____.

acute burns, non-healed burn

Non-healing burns are coded as ____. Necrosis of burned skin should be coded as a _____.

not specified, additional data

Code the extent of the body surface involved when site of burn is ____ or when there is a need for ____.

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