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Which two foods primary fat component is Saturated fat?

Meat and Butter

Which of the following describes a fatty acid that has one double bond?


Which of the following would you buy if you wanted the highest polyunsaturated fatty acid content?

Liquid, squeezable margarine, made from safflower oil

A diglyceride consists of

1 glycerol and 2 fatty acids

Which of the following is true about cholesterol?

It is found only in animal products

Hydrogenation produces what kinds of fat?

Trans-fatty acids

Timothy wants to avoid eating too much hydrogenated fat. All of the following are appropriate ways except

eating packaged cookies and desserts made with vegetable shortening.

If a fat contains mostly saturated fatty acids, it is likely to be ________ at room temperature.


To be transported throughout the body, fats are packaged in structures called


The main regulator of blood cholesterol levels is

the liver

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