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  1. Amber pushes Brad into the path of an oncoming car driven by Carol. Don tries to rescue Brad, but the car hits both of them. Amber is liable for the injuries of

    a. Brad and Don.
    b. Brad only.
    c. Don only.
    d. neither Brad nor Don.
  2. A person may commit an intentional tort if he or she acts knowing with substantial certainty that certain consequences will result.
  3. Ilsa files a suit against Jack. The document that sets out the ground for the court's jurisdiction, the basis of Ilsa's case, and the relief that Ilsa seeks is

    a. the answer.
    b. the complaint.
    c. the service of process.
    d. the summons.
  1. a TRUE
  2. b A
  3. c B

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  2. A
  3. ...
  4. TRUE
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  1. A state law that conflicts with the U.S. Constitution will be deemed unconstitutional.TRUE


  2. Net Corporation files a suit against Omega, Inc., alleging that Omega breached a contract to sell Net a computer system for $100,000. Net is

    a. the appellant.
    b. the appellee.
    c. the defendant.
    d. the plaintiff.


  3. The function of the courts is to interpret and apply the law.FALSE


  4. Under the Constitution, the legislative branch of the government
    a. administers the laws.
    b. enforces the laws.
    c. interprets the laws.
    d. makes the laws.


  5. Dian, a U.S. citizen, is the owner of Eagle, Inc. The Bill of Rights embodĀ¬ies a series of protections for Dian against various types of interference by

    a. business entities only.
    b. private individuals only.
    c. the government only.
    d. business entities, private individuals, and the government.