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  1. In a suit against Kathy, Lon obtains specific performance. This is

    a. an equitable remedy and a remedy at law.
    b. an equitable remedy only.
    c. a remedy at law only.
    d. not a remedy.
  2. Beth is a victim of Carl's violation of a criminal law. Criminal law is con¬cerned with
    a. the prosecution of private individuals by other private individuals.
    b. the prosecution of public officials by private individuals.
    c. the relief available when a person's rights are violated.
    d. wrongs committed against the public as a whole.
  3. A written defamatory statement must be communicated to a third party to be actionable.
  4. Ann believes that Burt is about to hit her. To prevent harmful contact in this situation, Ann may use

    a. any force.
    b. any force, except force that is likely to cause death.
    c. force that is reasonably necessary.
    d. no force.
  1. a TRUE
  2. b D
  3. c C
  4. d ...

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  2. A
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  1. A state law that conflicts with the U.S. Constitution will be deemed unconstitutional.TRUE


  2. Federal administrative agencies specify the powers of Congress.FALSE


  3. Under the Constitution, the judicial branch enforces the laws.FALSE


  4. The function of the courts is to interpret and apply the law.TRUE


  5. Lon trespasses on Mega Corporation's property. Through the use of rea¬son¬able force, Mega's security guard Ned detains Lon until the police ar¬rive. Mega is liable for

    a. assault and battery.
    b. false imprisonment.
    c. intentional infliction of emotional distress.
    d. none of the above.