Final Essay History 306

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Barstowe's thesis- Witch hunting is women hunting because men hate women
- Because women are powerful in a natural sense- giving birth to children
- Men hate and fear that power because they don't understand it
- Women are weak- physical and legal
- Starts book in the present- talks about increase of misogeny of that time (1994)
"Old Demdyke" (Lancashire Fude)- says she died of abuse in prison- but she was 80
- Everyone abused in jail
Russian records were not 80% to 20% more women- reversed
Says it is because this that the records were lost- not true
Talking about the present in her book- not history
Women live longer than men- not hunting women, hunting old people
More women executed because more women were alive
Crimes associated with women and crimes associated with men
Maybe this is a gender specific crime
Women would not be accused of treason (unless a queen)
Women using devils power (using someone else's power)- show women week
Women in charge of first aid in the home (now and 500 years ago)
In charge of maintaining the fire- and in charge of accidents around the fire
Cottage industry- weaving- women would to this
Children's figures can get caught in the loom
Women's bodies
Cardiology- women can have a sexual act as often if they want; men need recharge time
Female Physiology
Cycles- sink up (depends on women and relationship); could help with feeding babies
- Women in same village would probably sink up- good for babies
Sexuality- would have understood it to a certain degree (breed animals)
Maternity- would have understood it to a certain degree (breed animals)
Dead babies blamed on women
Women expected to have children
Menopause- called "limited utility"-woman no longer serves purpose
Psychology of Women
Young women- 7% of women have boarder personality disorder in teenage years
- Young women who where sexually abused as children did not know it when they were younger but understand it when they get older
- Drastic shift in personality- call it possession at time
Old Women- dementia was dealt with harshly (outcast-seen as unlikeable)