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The 5 People You Meet in Heaven


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roustabouts (n)
unskilled laborer
gurney (n)
cart for moving patients in a hospital
inexplicably (adj)
cannot be explained or understood
lathe (n)
machine for holding pieces of wood and metal and turning them rapidly against a cutting tool that shapes them.
lanky (adj)
awkardly long and thin
flux (n)
a flow
plummet (n)
cadmium (n)
soft, bluish white element and is used in plating and making alloys
flume (n)
a deep ad very narrow valley with a stream running through it
portfolio (n)
portable case for loose papers
mottled (v)
mark with spots of streaks of different colors and shades
sheepishly (adj)
awkwardly bashful or embarrassed
protocol (n)
rules of etiquette of the diplomatic corps
cacophony (n)
succession of harsh, clashing sounds
mundane (adj)
of this world, not of heaven
tarantella (n)
rapid, whirling southern Itilian dance
sallow (n)
a willow, especially in a small Old World tree
iridescent (adj)
displaying changing colors
wailed (v)
cry loud and long because of grief or pain
recoiled (v)
draw back