History Test

What would not be an accurate characterization of Americas empire in the early 20th century
Between 1901& 1920 Us MARINES landed in Caribbean countries approximately ____ times
what was not a principle of the 14 points
an end to colonization
The 14 points attempted to
provide an peace agenda to create a new democratic order
most progressives came to see the war as a golden opportunity because
they hoped to disseminate progressive values around the globe
Which act restricted the freedom of speech by authorizing the arrest of anyone who made "false statements" that might impede military success?
The Espionage Act
Ford Motor Company
fired emplyees
how many black left for the south between 1910&1920
Substantial gain for workers
statement about the red scare that is false
treaty of versailles
required germany to pay over 33 billion in reparations
Senators opposing Americas participation
argued that it would threaten to deprive the country of its freedom of action
fruit that united fruit company seeked to promote the consumption of in the us
military interventions
woodrow wilsons moral imperialism in latin america produced more military interventions than any other president
1916 uprising in London
The Easter Rebellion
americanization programs often targeted women as the bearers and transmitters of culture
Americans during war in europe
were deeply divided
us neutrality
policy tested by both the germans and the british
zimmermann telegram
outlined the german plan for an attack on the us by mexico
jeannette rankin
did not support us entry into world war 1
national womens party
was part of a new more militant generation of college educated activists
the American protective league
worked with the justice department to identify radicals and slackers
W.E.B. Du Bois
founded the National Association for the advancement of Colored People
Calvin Coolidge believed that the chief business of the American people was ______
politics in the 1920's - false
women took an active role in national politics, overwhelmingly supporting the republican party
what is not an example of the economic diplomacy of the 1920s desgined to improve American business
rejecting the league of nations
the 1924 Immigration ACts
all of the above
"capital" of black america
hoovers response to the depression
all of the above (tax increase etc.)
"Sacred acquisition" Andre Siegrfried
a standard of living
"banned in boston" referred ti
a book ban in the city, including books by ernest hemingway
meyer v. nebraska
overturned a law that stated public schools instruct classes in english
during the scopes trial, clarence darrow, the defense lawyer, question wom as a supposedly exprert witness about the bible?
william jennings bryan
which is an angent of Americanization?
all of the above
slumming meant
whites going to harlems dancehalls, jazzclubs, and speakeasies
the backbone of economic growth during the 1920s was the increased consumption of
in the 1920s movies radios, and phonographs
helped create and spread a new celebrity culture
the equal rights ammendment
was proposed by the nationals womens party
the McNary Haugen bill
proposed the government purchase of farm products so as to raise prices
robert la follette ran for president in 1924
as a progressive part canidate
american foreign policy during the 1920s
reflected the close working relationship between gov. and business
the hays code
prohibited movies from depicting nudity, long kisses, and adultery
during the 1920s, prohibition
all of the above
in 1923, the meyer v nebraska decision
was a startling reversal in the cause of americanization
in 1928,herbert hoover
won the presidency, primarily because of his sterling reputation and the general apparent prosperity
the primary cause of the great depression
included declining american purchasing power
the effects of the depression included
all of the above
the 1st thing that roosevelt attended to as president was the
banking crisis
which statment about the new deal is true?
social security was a second new deal program
which two new deal programs did the supreme court rule unconstitutional?
aaa and NRA
the new deal concentrated power in the hands of
the executive
which statement about the social security act is false?
it was extremely original in concept
fearing the growth of the communist part in america, congress passed the
smith act
which statement is not true about Franklin Roosevelt?
he ran for vice president on the ill fated republican ticket of 1920
Whose symbol was the blue eagle
national recovery administration
which phrase best describes eleanor roosevelt s tenure as first ladY?
redefined the role of first lady, championing womens rights, civil rights, and human rights
in john steinbecks piece about the dust bowl, he explained that the migrants were hated because
all of the above
the works progress administration
included projects in the arts
the wagner act
created the national labor relations board
the social security act of 1935
included old age pensions, unemployment relief and aid to dependent children
Keynesian economics
relied on large-scale government spending