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loved by Chielo; is called "my daughter"


a child from Mbaino who is sent to pay for the crime of killing "a daughter of Umuofia"


musician, debtor, and drunk


fierce warrior who has three wives and threw the Cat


Priestess of Agbala


shot at for "killing the banana plant"


Okonkwo's best friend


son of Obierika; won the wrestling match


was heart-broken at throwing away twins

Ogbuefi Ezuedu

old man who dies


wife that Okonkwo beats during the Week of Peace

Obiageli, Nkechi

two of Okonkwo's daughters


prosperous older man who gives Okonkwo seed yams


wife who is beaten until she miscarries


brother who defends his beaten sister at the egwugwu trial

Evil Forest

leader of the egwugwu


man who beats his wife until she runs away

Ofoedu and Ozoemena

old couple who mysteriously die shortly after one another

Ibe and Akueke

Akueke= Obierika's daughter; Ibe= fiance

Okagbue Uyanawa

medicine man responsible for ridding Ekwefi of the ogbangie spirit that haunts her

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