Chapter 8 160-172

Who took blame for the depression
Herbert Hoover
Boxes people lived in
People lived in boxes or roughly made shanties called
Old newspapers were called
Hoover blankets
This president said,
"The business of America is business."
He refused to let the government lend money to the needy for fear they would get lazy.
President Herbert Hoover
These people lost everything in the drought
How did farmers buy land
they borrowed money
When people were unable to make payments on loans they lost their
What did the drought turn a large part America into
a dust bowl
This plant was planted decade after decade but could not hold the topsoil down
What happend to food prices after the crash
the price of food dropped
How did the drop in food prices affect the farmers
they couldn't make enough to live on and pay their debts, so they lost their farms and homes.
With no crops to sell the farmers were
unable to repay their loans
What did Herbert Hoover and Calvin Coolidge believe
that business would right itself
While many business seemed sound
they were running on credit
When the food prices were low why couldn't more people buy food
because they didn't have enough money
What was Franklin Delano Roosevelt often known as
What did Franklin Delano Roosevelt promise people
He promised everyone relief from the Depression
The program that involved the government's planning project that paid Americans to do the work is called the
New Deal
Who said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
What disease did Franklin D. Roosevelt suffer from
What is Polio
a disease that attacks the nervous system causing weakness and paralysis
When did Roosevelt get polio
during his adult years
What did Roosevelt do before he got polio
He had been running for vice president on the Democratic ticket with presidential nominee James Cox.
What state was FDR governor of
New York
Roosevelt gave many radio talks called
"fireside chats"
How many terms did Roosevelt get elected for
four terms of office
What did the New Deal allow to be built
roads, bridges, and dams
Besides the New Deal giving people jobs these projects
improved transportation and helped prevent floods.
What program built many of America's national parks
Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC.
The Civilian Conservation Corps Planned and built many of America's
national parks
FDR had so many new programs, each called by the first letters of its name, that they were known as
"alphabet agencies"
The National Industrial Recovery Administration (NIRA) allowed
businesses to work together to decide how much of a certain product would be made.
Did the National Industrial Recovery Administration (NIRA) allow fair competition
It did not.
The National Labor Relations Board allowed workers to forms groups within companies to bargain with the owners called
What did the unions force companies to do
force them to pay them more or give them safer and cleaner places to work.
What did the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, AAA do
government paid farmers not to produce as much.
The Agricultural Adjustment Administration reduced the amount of food supply this making
the prices of food go up.
The Agricultural Adjustment Administration also allowed the government to
sell extra American products to other countries.
What did the Farm Credit Administration, the FCA do
lent money to farmers at lower rates that banks could.
Farmers began to learn about
Conservation means
ways of safely and carefully using natural resources such as water and topsoil
What is one problem the New Deal caused for America
the government became more involved in people's private lives.
What was another problem the New Deal caused for the America
the government could not pay for all the programs. It got into a huge debt.
President who felt the government should be more involved in people's lives
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
What became the 'Madness of 1930"
miniature golf
Why was miniature golf popular
people did not have much money and admission to the game was cheap.
Miniature golf was played
on the top of office buildings
What was the game called "the Royal and Ancient Game"
Who invented miniature golf
James Barber
What is a dictator
leader who had total control of a country
Hitler and Mussolini were
What country was Adolf Hitler dictator of
What country was Benito Mussolini dictator of
Hitler and Mussolini banded together to form an alliance called
the Axis
Hitler was eager to
go to war
Hitler wanted to prove to the world
that Germans were better than any other people
What did the German army take
land from smaller, weaker nations around Germany
France and England hoped that Germany would
be satisfied with a little land.
When the government needed money for the New Deal it
borrowed money
The trillions of dollars owed by the government is called
the national debt.
The national debt
is getting larger.