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Chapter 23 Study Guide Questions

Was General Grant good presidential material? Why did he win?
No, he was corrupt; He won for his swift and dynamiic military career and appealed to Northerners.
"The Man in the Moon...had to hold his nose when passing over America." Explain.
America was economically corrupt; So the man on the moon had to hold his nose because it stunk with corruption.
Describe two major scandals that directly involved the Grant administration.
(Black Friday) In 1869, speculators Jim Fisk and Jay Gould attempted to corner the nation's gold market. They enlisted the help of Grant's brother-in-law, who had pledged to prevent the president from acting to ruin the scheme.
(Whiskey Ring) Federal liquor taxes were raised to extremely high rates to help pay off the cost of the fighting. In order to avoid the high tax, many of the nation's distillers bribed officials in the Department of the Treasury
Why did Liberal Republicans nominate Horace Greeley for the presidency in 1872? Why was he a less than ideal candidate?
Democrats nominated Greeley to challenge Grant. Greeley was a less than ideal candidate because he had little to no governmental experience.
Why did some people want greenbacks and silver dollars? Why did others oppose these kinds of currency?
greenbacks-->more money in circulation=cheaper money=rising prices and easier to pay debts.
"hard money" advocates get Grant to veto a bill to print more paper money in 1874 and Resumption Act of 1875(pledged gov't to further withdrawal of greenbacks from circulation and redemption of all paper currency in gold at face value).
Debtors wanted greenbacks, Creditors wanted hard money.
Why was there such fierce competition between Democrats and Republicans in the Gilded Age if the parties agreed on most economic issues?
There was a huge difference in belief of having a strong state or central power. They saw nearly eye to eye on questions like tariff and civil-service reform, and currency---however, quite competitive, tightly organized and commanded fierce loyalty from members. Differences were over things like prohibition and education.
Why were the results of the 1876 election in doubt?
Rutherford B. Hayes had 1 more electoral vote than Tilden, who had the most popular vote. Rutherford bribed the south to win by agreeing to remove the military out of the south.
How did the end of Reconstruction affect African Americans?
African Americans were reprimanded by Jim Crow Laws, the crop-lien system,
Analyze the data in the lynching chart on page 513.
What was the significance of the Great Railroad Strike of 1877?
What new type of corruption resulted from the Pendleton Act?
Why did most Chinese immigrants come to America?
Explain how character played a part in the presidential election of 1884.
Assess the following statement: "As president, Grover Cleveland governed as his previous record as governor indicated he would.
What were the reasons behind Cleveland's stance in favor of lower tariffs?
Explain why the tariff was detrimental to American farmers.
What was the most revolutionary aspect of the Populist platform? Defend your answer with evidence.
What could Cleveland have done to lessen the impact of the financial turmoil?
Is the characterization of the Gilded Age presidents as the "forgettable presidents" a fair one? Explain.