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A predesigned drawing object, such as a star, an arrow, or a rectangle.


A full-width headline that spans multiple newsletter-style columns, such as the title for a newsletter or report.


An abbreviated version of the term "Web log"; a journal maintained by an individual or a group and posted on a Web site for public viewing and comment.

Boilerplate Text

A common document part that you frequently use in documents.

Building Blocks

Document parts that are already designed and formatted, enabling you to create a professional-looking document quickly.

Clip Art

A drawing that is ready to insert in a document.


To cut off portions of a graphic that you do not want to show.

Desktop Publishing

The process of creating a document using a computer to lay out text and graphics.

Drawing Object

Shapes, curves, and lines to create your own graphic.


An indication of a location in which variable text or data can be inserted.


Information and/or graphics that prints in the bottom margin of each page.


Items other than text, such as digitized photographs scanned images, and pictures.


Information and/or graphics that prints in the top margin of each page.

Manual Column Break

A command inserted by the user to adjust where a column ends.

Section Breaks

Divides the document into multiple sections.

Sizing Handles

Small circles and squares on the border of a graphic or object indicating that it is selected.


A set of formatting characteristics that you can apply to characters, paragraphs, tables, and numbered and bulleted lists.

Text Box

A drawing object that enables you to add text to artwork


Miniature representations of pictures.

When you insert page numbers in a document, the page number will appear in a header or a footer.


An AutoShape is a predesigned drawing object which cannot be changed.


When you size a graphic proportionally, you change both dimensions approximately equally so that no distortion occurs.


Building blocks are built-in document parts that are already designed and formatted, enabling you to create a professional-looking document quickly.


Endnotes always appear on the page on which they are referenced.


________________ are built-in, pre-designed, and formatted document parts.

all of the above

________________ are small squares and circles on the border of a graphic that let you know it is selected.

Sizing handles

When you ________________ a graphic, you remove a part of the graphic you don't want to show.


The AutoComplete feature can help you ________________.

enter the current date

To adjust where a column ends, you can insert a ________________.

manual column break

The process of creating documents which combine text and graphics is called _________.

Desktop publishing

A(n) ___________ graphic is a built-in, pre-designed, and formatted graphic which you can use to illustrate concepts and ideas, such as an organizational chart.


In a template or a building block, you can click ___________ to insert variable text or data.


A(n) __________ is a predesigned drawing object.


__________ is a feature that enables you to transform text into a graphic.


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