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8th Grade US History-3rd Quarter Common Assessment review

T or F: Susan B. Anthony's was for Equal Rights for women?
Sojourner Truth
Who was a former slave that worked to free more slaves and gain rights for women?
Horace Mann
Which reformer was instrumental in the improvement of public schools?
The Second Great Awakening
A religious movement that inspired people to improve society was called...
drinking alcohol should be limited
The Temperance Movement unanimously that....
False: They were also involved in other movements
T or F: Women Activist only dealt with women's rights issues
Former slave, abolitionist, self-educated, published a news paper.
Two things about Frederick Douglas....
Strengthened the Federal Government
John Marshall was the Chief Justice of Supreme Court and his decisions did what?
Declare laws unconstitutional
Marbury vs. Madison was a legal case that gave the Supreme Court the power to do what?
To add a territory to a country.
Annex means to ?
A tax imposed by the government on goods imported from another country.
A Tariff is....
White Southern small farm owners
Who did not support the Underground railroad?
True or False: Free blacks living in the North and South faced discrimination and racism.
True or False: Cyrus McCormick's reaper brought the Industrial Revolution to Northern agriculture?
Nat Turner
This slave led the revolt against white slave owners
A defeat for the abolitionists
The Dred Scott decision was?
States Rights was the concept that Southerners used to justify what?
The development of large plantations
Slavery expanded in the South rather than in the North before the Civil War because of ?
Americans that were abolitionists wanted to end?
To inspire reformers to improve society.
An effect of the Second Great Awakening was....
The Declaration of Independence
The Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments was modeled on?
It increased the demand for slaves
What was the effect of the cotton gin on the slaves?
Cotton became the main crop of the south
Eli Whitney created the cotton gin and it had what effect on the South?
Could be allowed in the territories.
The Supreme Court ruled in The Dred Scott decision that slavery.....