Exam 1 chapter 1-5

Ohio university
Human skills are important for ________ managers
all levels
____ skills consist of the ability to work well in cooperation with other people to get things done.
Despite the appeal of the opportunity, Samantha decided to delay taking her product to foreign markets because she felt that her current personnel did not have enough international experience. She was exhibiting ______ skills.
she still needs to have the necessary ______ skills to advise and review the contracts of the real estate attorneys that she manag
three principal skills acquired by experienced managers?
human, conceptual, technical
aracteristic of an entrepreneur than a manager?
self-confidence and tolerance for risk.
belief that you control your own destiny is called
internal locus of control.
The defining difference between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur is that the latter
works within an existing organization, using its resources to exploit an opportunity.
Jocelyn is on the phone trying to get the situation resolved as part of which managerial role?
Disturbance handler
resource allocator
setting priorities about use of resources buget
decisional role that managers play
show visitors around your company. In general, you perform symbolic tasks that represent your organization.
manager's worklife
Most managerial tasks require lengthy periods of time for completion.
organizations are voluntary collections of members such as political parties, farm cooperatives, labor unions, trade associations, and clubs whose purpose is to advance members' interests.
purpose is to offer services to some clients, not to make a profit
is a shift supervisor for a successful supermarket chain, directing the work of as many as eight other cashiers
first-line manager.
make short-term operating decisions, directing the daily tasks of nonmanagerial personnel, who are, of course, all those people who work directly at their jobs but don't oversee the work of others.
strategic direction from the organization and supervises several department managers in his workplac
middle manager.
mplement the policies and plans of the top managers above them and supervise and coordinate the activities of the first-line managers below them.
are future oriented, dealing with uncertain, highly competitive conditions, and who stay alert to long-run opportunities and problems are most likely to be
top managers
In the traditional management pyramid, managers are classified into ______ levels.
Monitoring performance and taking corrective action as needed is called