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4 types of authorization documents
common table of allowances- items of material required for common use by individuals Army-wide
table of organization and equipment- prescribes normal mission, organizational structure, and personnel and equipment requirements for a military unit-basis for an authorizations document
modified table of organization and equipment- deployable- prescribes the modification of a basic TOE necessary to adapt it to the needs of a specific type of unit or mission
table of distribution and allowances- prescribes organization structure, personnel, and equipment authorizations and requirements of a military unit to perform a specific mission for which there is no TOE
real property
land, buildings, structures, utilities, and affixed equipment that is an integral part of the facility- includes improvements and additions
personal property
government property not considered real property
types of personal property
non-expendable: not consumed in use
expendable: consumed in use
durable- not consumed during use but accountability is maintained due to unique characteristics (hand tools)
5 types of responsibility
command responsibility
obligation of a commander to ensure all government property under command is properly used and cared for
supervisory responsibility
obligation of a superior to ensure all property that comes into responsible area is accounted for
direct responsibility
obligation to keep accountability of all property you hold a hand receipt for
personal responsibility
obligation to exercise reasonable and prudent actions to properly use, care for, and safeguard all property in possession- not contingent on rank/position/hand receipt
custodial responsibility
supply SGT/warehouse clerk- property storage/transit/awaiting turn in
Supply forms
DA Form 2062
DA Form 3749
DA Form 3161
DA Form 2062
longer than 30 days
component hand receipt- present and accounted for items
shortage annex-items missing
DA Form 3749
weapons card
brief reoccurring periods
issue same equipment to same person, ex weapon
DA Form 3161
up to 30 days max
lateral transfer
act or omission that a reasonable and prudent person would not commit under similar circumstances
willful misconduct
intentionally wrongful or unlawful act or omission relating to government property, to include misappropriation
proximate cause
cause which natural and continous sequence, unbroken by new cause, produces loss, damage, or destruction and without the loss damage, or destruction wouldn't have happened
Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss
documents circumstances concerning the loss, damage, or destruction of government property
Reasons to use FLIPL
person admits liability and amount is more than 1 month base pay
person does not admit negligence or liability
negligence is suspected, but no one admits liability
loss during inventory individual does not make voluntary repayment
relief from responsibility
Damage Statement
Statement of charges
Memo for Record (durable hand tools, organizational clothing)