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  1. gerrymandering
  2. initiative
  3. midterm election
  4. retrospective judgment
  5. electorate
  1. a realigning districts for party control
  2. b ballot measure originated by voters
  3. c the entire voting public
  4. d election in the middle of presidential term
  5. e voter's judgment of party's performance

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  1. votes based on candidate's promises
  2. early election to sift through possible candidates
  3. contest without party declaration
  4. the November election of even years
  5. influencing another party's primary vote

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  1. electorthe entire voting public


  2. turnouta command from the voters


  3. unit rulemajority of delegates overwhelm the minority


  4. ticket-splittingsetting an earlier state primary


  5. Superdelegatea command from the voters