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parts of the eye and functions

ciliary zonule

-attaches the lens to the ciliary body

aqueous humor

-fluid in the anterior segment of eye that provides nutrients to the lens and cornea


-the "white" of the eye - protective layer

optic disk

-area of retina that lacks photoreceptors

ciliary body

-contains muscle that controls the shape of the lens -attaches ciliary zone and iris


-nutritive (vascular) layer of the eye -heavily pigmented layer that prevents light scattering in the eye


-layer containing the rods and cones

vitreous humor

-gel-like substance that helps to reinforce the eyeball

smooth muscles structures (2)

-ciliary body & iris

fovea centralis

-area of acute or discriminary vision

refractory media of the eye (4)

-cornea -lens -aqueous humor -vitreous humor


most anterior part of the sclera- your "window" to the world


pigmented "diaphgragm" of the eye

what do tarsal glands produce?

oily secretion

what does the conjunctiva produce?

secretes mucus

trace the pathway of light from the time it hits the cornea until it excites the rods and cones.

cornea---> aqueous humor---> pupil---> aqueous humor---> lens---> vitreous humor--->retina--->rods/cones


- pink eye -caused by viruses or bacteria


increased pressure in the eyeball due to obstruction of the outflow of aqueous humor

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