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AP Human Geography Agriculture Test

In what regions of the US are the most acres used for agriculture?
Northeast Midwest West Coast
the deliberate tending of crops and livestock to produce food, feed, fiber, and fuel.
What crop is fed directly to animals?
What is most grain used for?
car fuel
primary economic activity
economic activity concerned with the direct extraction of natural resources from the environment-- such as mining, fishing, lumbering, and especially agriculture
secondary economic activity
economic activity involving the processing of raw materials and their transformation into finished industrial products; the manufacturing sector
tertiary economic activity
economic activity associated with the provision of services (transportation, banking, retailing, education, routine, office-based jobs)
quaternary economic activity
service sector industires concerned with the collection, processing, and manipuation of information and capital (finance, administration, insurance, legal services)
quinary economic activity
service sector industries that require a high level of specialized knowledge skill (scientific research, high-level management)
About what percent of the percent of people work in the agricultural production in US and Canada?
Why is Guatemala labor dependent?
lack of mechanization
What has caused a decrease in the amount of workers needed for agricultural production in the US?
mechanization and new technologies
What was the first form of agriculture dating back since the dawn of time?
hunting and gathering
What were the first tools used in hunting?
simple clubs
What is the First Agricultural Revolution synonymous with?
Neolithic Revolution
What two types of domestication did it introduce?
plant and animal
Which region has the most employment in agriculture?
sub-saharan africa
Population densities were high during the hunting and gathering era. (True/False)
Who said plant domestication occurred at different times in different places throughout early societies?
Carl Sauer
In which two places were root crops thought to be originated?
SE Asia (Yams, Bananas) and NW South America (Maize, Squashes, Beans)
root crops
crops that are reproduced by cultivating either the roots or cuttings from the plants (tubers, cassava, yams, sweet potatoes)
seed crops
crop that is reproduced by cultivating the seeds of the plants
In which two places were seed crops thought to be originated?
SW Asia (Fertile Crescent) and the Nile River Valley
What revolution did the cultivation of seed crops mark?
The First Agricultural Revolution
Which crops grew and still grow well in the SW Asian climate?
Wheat and Barley
How did these practices get from their hearths to other parts of the world?
Where did corn diffuse from?
Where did potatoes diffuse from?
NW South America (Andean Highlands)
Where did bananas diffuse from?
SE Asia
As people became more sedentary, _________ began as a result of it.
animal domestication
What area spawned the first ag. revolution?
Fertile Crescent
The earliest animal domesticated were _______ in ________.
Goats, Turkey
What are the advantages of animal domestication?
Meat and Milk
What are the five most important domesticated animals in the world?
Pig, Horse, Sheep, Cow, Goat
Where were domesticated plants and animals first successfully integrated?
Fertile Crescent
What is the hearth of the goat, sheep, and camel?
SW Asia
What is the heart of the pig, water buffalo, chicken, and water fowl?
SE Asia
What is the hearth of cattle?
S Asia
What is the hearth of the llama and alpaca?
Mesoamerica/Andean Highlands
subsistence agriculture
self sufficient agriculture that is small scale and low technology & emphasizes food production for local consumption, not trade
What type of farming do most subsistence farmers take part in?
shifting cultivation
shifting cultivation
A form of subsistence agriculture in which people shift activity from one field to another; each field is used for crops for relatively few years and left fallow for a relatively long period.
Where is shifting cultivation found?
tropical rain forests
How long does the land remain fertile for after slashing and burning?
2-3 years
commercial farming
raising crops and livestock for sale on the local or world market
intensive agriculture
a form of subsistance agriculture that requires large amounts of labor to make the largest crop possible on small plots of land
extensive agriculture
An agricultural system characterized by low inputs of labor per unit land area.
What did Ester Boserup say would be the cause of agricultural production?
population growth
What percent of the world's people are farmers?
about 35%
Who created a model to show what farmers grow depending on relative location to the central market?
Von Thunen
What two costs were considered in his model?
bid rent and transportation
What is produced in the second ring of his model?
What is grown in the 3rd ring of his model?
In which revolution were plows, reapers, cotton gins, and tractors invented?
The Green Revolution was a shift from ________ farming to ___________ farming
subsistence, commercial
planting one crop over a large area
Which country benefited the most from the Green Revolution?
Developing countries tend to have more tractors. (True/False)
cereal grains
corn, wheat, rice, and other grasses
_____________ has increased as small farms decrease in number