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a special, normal, or proper activity of an organ or part


The arrangement of parts in an organism

Organ System

two or more organs working together to perform a life function


a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently


is two or more tissues working together


A group of cells working together that carry out a specialized function of the body


are organelles responsible for digestion


are mainly involved in the transportation of material in/out or within the cell.

Golgi Complex

The organelle that packages and distributes proteins.


An organelle that gives energy to the cell

endoplasmic reticulum

A system of folded membranes that function as the internal delivery system


Are the organelles that make proteins.

Cell Wall

A rigid structure that gives support to a cell


the smallest unit that can perform all life processes

Cell membrane

Outer layer of the cell that controls movement in and out of the cell


A part of a cell with a specific function


The control system of the cell it also contains DNA.


A one-celled organism, few internal structures


Contain Organelles surrounded by membranes. Most living organisms.

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