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Suffixes from all chapters Book: Exploring Medical Language 8th Edition (ISBN: 9780323073080)




pertaining to


pertaining to






pertaining to




substance or agent that causes


producing, originating, causing


one who studies and treats (specialist, physician)


study of




tumor, swelling


abnormal condition (means increase when used with blood cell word roots)


condition of formation, development, growth


growth, substance, formation


malignant tumor


state of


control, stop, standing




pertaining to


noun suffix, no meaning

-coccus (pl. -cocci)

berry-shaped (form of bacterium)


excision or surgical removal


diseased or abnormal state, condition of




view of, viewing


eating or swallowing


surgical repair


flow, discharge


instrument used to cut




pertaining to


pertaining to


pertaining to


hernia or protrusion


surgical puncture to aspirate fluid (with a sterile needle)


stretching out, dilation, expansion


blood condition


process of recording, radiographic imaging


instrument used to measure




surgical fixation, suspension




rapid flow of blood


instrument used for visual examination


pertaining to visual examination


visual examination


sudden, involuntary muscle contraction (spasmodic contraction)


constriction or narrowing


creation of an artificial opening




cut into or incision

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